Heartwarming friendship of Blind Golden Retriever


A blind golden retriever dog has his own ‘seeing-eye’ in form of another puppy dog. The dog is literally the blind golden retriever’s pair of eyes. The names of the dogs are Tao and Oko.

blind dog

The two have become famous over the internet because of their touching bond. Their friendship is just one of the many signs of purity in animals.

Tao had both of his eyes removed due to glaucoma. This is an illness that damages the optic nerves which would normally help the dog see. Regardless of his condition, the golden retriever still enjoys his life because of his trustworthy sidekick who is Oko. Oko is the ‘seeing-eye’ dog who helps Tao navigate and have fun.

golden retriever

Melanie Jackson is Tao’s owner. She had noticed her dog having health issues in February 2019. The owner spoke to LAD Bible that she noticed her dog in pain. She described the dog scratching his eyes. Also, the dog was in the most pain during the night. Therefore, she rushed her dog to the vet.

It was at that time that Tao was diagnosed with glaucoma. She described the dog’s pain like a migraine multiplied a hundred times. Unfortunately, the pressure was too much in his right eye that it had to be removed.

tao and oko

She also observed that Tao was not happy and playful over losing his eyesight. Melanie brought Oko home in an attempt to give Tao the best quality of life. Oko would help Tao navigate and ensure him of his company. Oko had joined Tao later on in his life. However, the two have formed a strong bond and are companions for life.

Tao and Oko have been best friends ever since. Tao has adapted to his life and it is all thanks to Oko.

Oko is the perfect helper for Tao. It is almost as if he is the dog’s dog! He entertains his blind friend and keeps him busy regardless of his illness. Tao was swiftly able to adjust to the bitter change in his life and it is largely all thanks to Oko.

This is truly one tear-jerking level of friendship. If you have a tissue paper box by your side, here is another one.

Source: thekoalabears.com

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