Heart-Warming Footage Of Baby Elephant Rushing To Save His Human Friend From D.r.o.w.n.i.n.g


Recently, an old video of a baby elephant has won over the Internet. The calf rushes to save his human best friend who he thinks is d.r.o.w.i.n.g. His action can melt the coldest hearts. If you are looking for something positive to brighten up your dull day, just give this video a look.

Baby Elephants Meet the Other Members of the Herd for the First Time

Wild animals can be brave, adorable, and affectionate. They can sense the love and kindness of people around them and are always grateful for these. That is why their humans need help, they do not hesitate to give their hands.

The baby elephant is Kham Lha. He is an orphan and has a special bond with Darrick Thomson, the “d.r.o.w.n.i.n.g” man in the video. Darrick is an animal lover and a volunteer at Elephant Nature Park, Thailand.

The park is a sanctuary and a rescue center for elephants. Here Darrick meets Kham Lha the adorable little elephant and takes care of him every day. They soon become friends, even the best ones. That’s easy to understand why the animal doesn’t hesitate to save his human.

The baby elephant was strolling by a riverbank with his herd when he spotted his friend in the water. The young boy thought that his friend was d.r.o.w.n.i.n.g, so he immediately ran to him. He sweetly approached his friend and protected him from the current of the water.

You can watch the heart-warming video below!

Animals are more human than humans themselves. They are selfless and love their friends much more than we think. The video is probably one of the most beautiful things you can see today. It’s worth sharing with your family and friends, right?

By: India Today

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