Gorner Gorge Natural Beauty in Zermatt


The Gorner Gorge is a low-key site in Zermatt Switzerland. We happened upon this geological marvel and thoroughly enjoyed our time there.

Here’s a quick one for you, both the article and seeing Gorner Gorge. We’ve visited Zermatt on several occasions, but somehow, we overlooked Gorner Gorge. It was on our most recent visit that I spotted this site from the Matterhorn Express gondola on my way back from Glacier Paradise.

When I arrived back in Zermatt town, I immediately informed Lin of what I saw. Being the researcher she is, she quickly had all of the details, and we had a site to see that evening.

Gorner Gorge Location

So, where is the Gorner Gorge located? Well, it’s about a 15-minute walk from the end of Zermatt Village. Something we also discovered on this last trip is the Zermatt bus. The bus will get you to the end of the village where you will begin your walk.

Note that this bus is typically free if you have a pass for activities in Zermatt (e.g. Gornergrad). When buying tickets, check to see if they allow you to use this bus.

Regarding the hike, it’s not too difficult. You’ll mostly be walking along a trail next to the river. As you start to go uphill, keep an eye to your left for the entrance.

Once you pass through the entrance, the trail steepens. We didn’t find it difficult, but we did stop about half way through to catch a breath.

Nice view of Matterhorn on the way to the GorgeOn the way to the Gorner Gorge, there are nice views

Park on the way to the gorgeOn the way to the gorge, there are a few parks and activities just off the trail

Gorner Gorge Site

The Gorner Gorge is a quick trip overall and is one of many activities to do while in Zermatt (you probably wouldn’t go to Zermatt just for Gorner Gorge!). Including the hike, you’ll spend one to two hours.

The site itself is very cool in my opinion. According to the Zermatt website, the “greenish serpentine” rock is about 220 million years old. The gorge was carved over time by the waters of the Gornervispe River after the last ice age.

Sign with details about Gorner GorgeSign showing information about the Gorner Gorge

Sign with Gorner Gorge trail mapSign showing the Gorner Gorge loop

Wooden walkway through Gorner GorgeThe walkway through the Gorge is quite cool

You’re able to venture through this gorge via wooden walkways fixed to the rock walls. It’s very impressive.

The walkway is in good condition and is mostly flat with a few staircases along the way. Towards the end, there’s a series of stair cases leading to a vantage point and an alternate exit.

Once you leave the wooden path, you’ll be in the mountains on a rocky trail that is somewhat steep. You can exit this way and loop back around to Zermatt; however, we elected to turn around and exit the way we entered.

Stairway at the end of the gorgeThis is the end area of the gorge. The stairway leads to a nice vantage point and an alternate exit.

When to Visit

Gorner Gorge is a summer activity, so plan accordingly. If you’re fortunate enough to be in Zermatt during mid-October, you should visit the site between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. At this time, the lighting conditions illuminate the water accentuating the turquoise color. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to experience this on our trip.

View of the river at the bottom of the gorgeThe water has that turquoise glacier run-off color

Wrapping Up

Like I said at the start, this is a quick one. While you’re in Zermatt, Gorner Gorge is worth a visit. We think you’ll enjoy it alongside the other activities you’ve planned.

Speaking of other activities, the 5 Lakes Trail is one of our favorites.

Additional Photos

Man at Gorner Gorge walkway

Woman at Gorner Gorge

Gorner Gorge from the end of the trail

View of Gorner Gorge and walkway

Thanks for reading and stay safe out there!


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