Golden Retriever Makes an Appearance During a Forecast


Fox News 13 Tamba Bays’ Chief Meteorologists gives the forecast with a twist. While Paul Dellegatto, was filming a segment at home, his golden retriever made a surprise appearance.

Golden Retriever

“Brody” the Golden Retriever made his national television debut. Giving the world exactly what it needs.

The handsome dog appears out of nowhere and knocks over the camera. It lead the graphics to disappear, leaving Paul in a pickle.

Golden Retriever and Paul Dellegatto

The Golden Retriever was hungry. As a result, he jumped into his human’s lap and asked for a snack. Dellegatto goes on to explain how he will have to continue the segment without the map. Hence, he was trying his best to continue the forecast.

Following this, Brody lets out a big yawn. It made people believe that the doggo found the broadcast rather boring.

Paul did not give Brody his treats. Thus, he decided to use other measures. The retriever jumps off his lamp and pops up close to the camera. Surely, Brody was not happy with how the camera was getting all of Paul’s attention.

Golden Retriever

This clip made its rounds on Twitter. Leading to the majority of the people finding it to be the best news piece ever.

A White House reporter Andrew Feinberg tweeted, “This is the best weather forecast in the history of television news”

This is not the first time that a dog has interrupted live news! A black Labrador made a grand appearance in Russia. MIR 24 news channel journalist was reporting a piece when the doggo jumps to get a shot and have his superstar moment.

Black Lab

Failure to make a decent impact led the lab to think of other ideas. He hoped on the desk and had his moment. This video took its rounds on social media.

Hopefully, we will see some other doggos making an appearance on news soon.


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