Fisherman Finds A Rare Blue Lobster In Cornwall Coast


A fisherman while on his daily round in Cornwall coast managed to catch a rare blue lobster. Yes, its true! Blue lobsters exist.

Blue Lobster

Tom Lambourn was fishing off the coastal town of Penzance when he surprisingly caught a unique looking creature in his lobster pot. On identifying the blue lobster, he photographed the rare species. After this, he released him back into the sea to let him keep growing, as it was โ€˜too small to bring into landโ€™.

This was Tomโ€™s second fishing season, thus; he considers himself to be extremely lucky. After measuring, it became obvious that he was undersized. So, Tom decided against keeping him.

Tom went on to forward the pictures to the National Hatchery who told him that this color in lobsters is one-in-two-million.

Blue lobsters have a different color pigmentation in their shells. Making it hard for them to camouflage and results in them becoming easy prey.

Blue Lobster

This color in their shells is due to a genetic defect. This defect causes the crustacean to produce excessive protein. That in turn combined with a red carotenoid molecule, leading to form the blue complex is known as crustacyanin.

Most of the blue lobsters that are born do not survive. This is because they fail to camouflage properly.

Typically, lobsters are mostly either olive-green or greenish-brown. This helps them to blend into the ocean floor much better. They turn bright red after they are cooked.

Additionally, another rare color for them is yellow, which occurs for one in every 30 million. Whereas, red lobsters have a ratio of one in every 10 million. Furthermore, they can have more than one color.

Lobster comparison

Fishermen when capture a blue lobster usually do not eat it as they deem it a sign of good luck.

A blue lobster was caught in 2016 by a fisherman named Keith Setter at Ladram Bay. He too released the beautiful creature back into the sea.

Tom surely did find something really special then.


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