F.i.g.h.t.i.n.g for a mate, elk r.a.m.m.e.d each other violently causing an uproar on a street


It is only an animal that eats trees and grass, but the battle for “getting” with a girl between two male elk is just as intense and fierce as the battles of predatory beasts.

Tranh giành bạn tình, nai sừng tấm húc nhau dữ dội gây náo động cả một con phố

The elk is an impressive animal with its large horns with its strange shape. This animal has many different subspecies such as: Canada, Europe, Asia. The differences between the subspecies are barely noticeable, except that the Asian moose are smaller than their other relatives.

Due to excessive hunting, the number of elk left in the world is very small and is almost only found in a few areas such as Canada, Alaska, New England, Russia…

The appearance of the elk is relatively easy to recognize by its large body, over 2 m high, weighing more than 600 kg; its long, round mouth and horns (antlers).

Their horns are covered with a soft layer of hair called “velvet”. Nutrients absorbed daily will be transported through the vascular glands to the velvet to nourish and develop their horns.

From childhood to adulthood, deer’s horns have a very fast growth rate, each day can increase by nearly 30 cm. The size and growth rate of the moose’s horns are important parameters for the health status and diet of a deer.

In addition to being used as a weapon against enemies, the size of the elk’s horns is also a measure for the female to choose the right male for her.

However, not all males accept rejection, so f.i.g.h.t.s between male elk during the breeding season are hard to avoid.

The clip below, recorded by a resident of Anchorage, Alaska, USA, will show us the fierce and fiery nature of the male deer when “getting” with the female.

Inexplicably, two elk moved to the front door of a residential household to resolve the conflict.

The tense nature of the fight is evident from the very first seconds of the clip when the two animals use their massive horns to battle strength.

The face of the match was constantly reversed, struggling for more than 2 minutes to determine the winner and loser when one of the two deer was more exhausted, had to run away.

Tranh giành bạn tình, nai sừng tấm húc nhau dữ dội gây náo động cả một con phố ảnh 1

According to zoologists, elk is usually a background animal, but when it comes to mating season (August to October), they tend to become aggressive. The relationship is more unpredictable because males show strength by fighting to get the attention of females.

It looks fierce, but f.i.g.h.t.s between two elk are very rare because they will stop when one of them surrenders.


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