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If youโ€™re a lover of all things outdoorsy, then you need to get yourself to Banff Alberta, Canada. Whether youโ€™re a hiker, a skier or just enjoy a nice lakeside view (or all three!), this gorgeous corner of the Great White North has something to offer. This resort town is surrounded on all sides by the Rockies and over 6,500 square kilometers of parks and wildlife, making it the perfect getaway for any nature lover.

Sunshine Meadows

Woman looking out at Sunshine Meadows in Banff National Park.

Just 10 short miles outside of Banff is the beautiful and easily accessible Sunshine Meadows. Here they offer 8-person gondola rides up the mountain, providing a relaxing sightseeing experience, and then once youโ€™re at the top, explore โ€œthe village,โ€ which offers six different hiking trails to explore. These can be guided or done on your own

Horseback Riding

Woman riding horseback on a trail in Banff.

Get out of your car and onto a horse for a one-hour guided trail ride through the Banff National Park! This experience provides a view of the Bow River similar to the way the early settlers would have seen it, eventually ending at the natural hot springs and the marshes.

Hoodoos Trail

Hoodoos Trail overlooking a gorgeous views with weird rock formations.

If youโ€™re looking for a quick hike with the ultimate pay-off, then make your way to Hoodoos Trail where you donโ€™t have to go far in order to get a stunning view of the river and these peculiar rock formations.

Lake Minnewanka

Rams near Lake Minnewanka

The green waters of Lake Minnewanka are dazzling, to say the least, but when you add the mountain range in the background, what you end up with is an absolutely breathtaking experience.

The Banff Center For The Arts And Creativity

The main street of town Banff.

So maybe youโ€™re an indoor cat or you just need to take a break from all of the hiking. Donโ€™t worry, Banff still has more to offer! The Banff Center for Arts and Creativity puts on more than 400 concerts a year, as well as a Summer Arts Festival, The Banff Film & Book Festival, and much more. In fact, The Banff Center for the Arts and Creativity is the largest creativity incubator in the world!

So, are you itching to smell that fresh, mountain air yet? Canโ€™t wait to spot a Grizzly Bear out on the trails? The best thing about Banff is that every time of year is ideal, depending on whether you prefer hiking boots or ski boots. What are you waiting for? Letโ€™s start booking your flights!

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