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Nothing brings people together as food does and trying the local food is a big part of any holiday. Though know to be a land where Vegemite is extensively enjoyed, the land down under is known for some iconic desserts. These desserts are not only visually pleasing but will also be a delight for your taste buds. The list of desserts Australia has to offer is incredible. So, we are going to make it easy for you and introduce you to Australia’s moved loved desserts.


Named after a ballerina Anna Pavlova, ‘’Pavlova’s are Australia’s quintessential summer dessert. This meringue dessert with a crisp and soft crust, topped with whipped cream and fruit is a house favorite. The dessert comes in a wide range of variations but the chocolate Pavlova with fresh berries is the most popular. The mixture of a crunchy shell and the fluffy marshmallow center this dessert will make you rush for a second slice.


Known as the “National Cake of Australia” Lamingtons are sponge cakes dipped in chocolate and topped with desiccated coconut. Anything dipped in chocolate is a favorite but the sprinkle of coconut takes it to a whole other level. These cakes are a delight to enjoy with a nice “cuppa joe”. It’s also a staple in fundraising events as it’s really easy to make in huge batches.

Anzac Biscuits

ANZAC Biscuits

The term ANZAC comes from and is associated with the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. Made up of oats, flour, golden syrup, sugar, butter, baking soda, boiling water this sweet biscuit is popular across Australia and New Zealand. The recipe of these biscuits is protected by law and it cannot be altered if they need to be called ANZAC biscuits.

Iced Vo-vo

Iced vo-vo’s are to Australians is what Chocolate cookies are to Americans. It is a sweet butter biscuit that is topped with a strip of raspberry jam and pink icing which is sprinkled on with desiccated coconut. This has been a household favorite for afternoon tea parties since the 1960s.

Golden Gaytime

Australia's most loved desserts

Released in 1959 this toffee and vanilla ice cream dipped in chocolate & covered in honeycomb biscuits is a popular Australian dessert. Golden Gaytime is a popular summer treat that will bring out the kid in you and put a smile on your face.

Tim Tam

Australia's most loved desserts

No list of desserts from Australia will be complete without the iconic Tim-Tam’s. These are two chocolate biscuits sandwiched together with a thin lining of light cream which is then coated with a thin layer of chocolate. There are various flavors available but the chocolate ones are the most loved. Fair warning these can be very addictive and you could finish an entire packet without even realizing it.

Caramel Slices

Desserts In Australia

Caramel slices are available in almost all bakeries across Australia. Made with a dense biscuit, a thick layer of buttery caramel which is again topped with a coat of chocolate it’s one of the sweetest and richest Australian desserts. It tastes best when served cold.

Fairy Bread

Australian Desserts

Fairy bread are a very popular birthday and picnic snack. It is made by butter being smeared on white bread & sprinkles making it a delightful dessert. Despite being very simple, this colorful dessert is absolutely delicious. Because these are so colorful, they are Australia’s most loved desserts for children’s birthday parties.

Chocolate Crackle

These adorable little chocolate bites are made of icing sugar, cocoa powder, rice puff, and coconut all mixed together and combined with Copha, which is a vegetable shortening made from coconut oil. Since these are bite-sized, they are popular at parties and are little bits of crunchy heaven. They are served in colorful cupcake cups which are extremely pleasing to the eye.

Beetroot Cake And Orange Frosting

Schoko-Möhren-Kuchen Rezept | EAT SMARTER

We have all heard and loved a carrot cake, but Australia offers a refreshing take on turning an earthy veggie into a dessert with the Beetroot cake. This spiced cake incorporates grated beetroot with apple sauce and orange zest. The cake is then topped with a tangy orange-flavored cream cheese frosting making it a mouth-watering dessert.

The Vegemite Brownie

If you are feeling adventurous this is a must-try Australian dessert. The vegemite is known to have mixed reactions from people. They either love it or hate it. But the saltiness of the Vegemite combined with bitter chocolate has been used to create The Vegemite brownie making it a surprisingly delicious dessert. The brownie has a rich caramelized flavor which is difficult to describe but a dessert one must definitely try.

Picnic Cake

Australian desserts

Named picnic cake because of how well they travel, the oatmeal, brown sugar, and cinnamon cake is a great accompaniment to a warm cup of tea

Jelly Slice

Consisting of three simple yet delicious layers of Jelly, custard, or cream on a biscuit, this dessert is well known in Australia but not much around the world. It is definitely a well-kept secret and a must-try.

Neenish Tarts

Neenish tarts are little tarts with a crumbly pastry case filled with a sweet lemony custard-like filling. The tarts are cute little bites that have two-toned icing for a fun twist. You just can not miss this sweetmeat as this is one of Australia’s most loved desserts.

Yo-yo Biscuits

15 Traditional Australian Cookies - Insanely Good

Yo-Yo biscuits are a classic Australian dessert. These tiny cookies are almost too cute to eat. These are made with custard powder giving them a creamy flavor. They are not only super moist but are tender too and make great tea treats. You can serve them alone but when sandwiched together with colorful buttercream they taste even better.

Well, there you have it, a list of delectable desserts from the land down under. With the sheer amount of exciting sweetmeats that this region has to offer, one can for sure say that Aussies know their desserts. These delectable and beautiful desserts will awaken your inner child. So be sure to try them on your visit to this wonderful region and let us know how many of these Australia’s most loved desserts have you tried.

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