Everything You Need to Know About Austria’s Largest Food Festival


Wiener schnitzel and apfelstrudel have hogged the limelight for too long in the world of Austrian dishes. Discover the lesser-known side of the country’s cuisine at the Genuss Festival.

What is the Genuss Festival?

The Genuss Festival is the largest and most diverse culinary event in Austria, seeing around 200 exhibitors descend on the capital, bringing with them regional specialties ranging from Tyrolean smoked ham to pumpkin oil from Styria. Row after row of dainty white tents line the paths of the picturesque Stadtpark, transforming the ordinarily serene space into a foodie extravaganza for a weekend.

Honey stall | © RGE Rainer Gregor Eckharter

Celebrating ‘the culinary heritage of Austria‘, the festival is designed to give visitors an insight into lesser-known Austrian cuisine from the federal states. It is a melting pot of flavours and smells and will introduce you to curiosities such as powidl (a kind of Austrian jam made with plums and prepared without artificial sweeteners) and poppy seed noodles known locally as mohnnudeln.

A jam stall at Genuss | © RGE Rainer Gregor Eckharter

A cheese seller | © RGE Rainer Gregor Eckharter

What to expect

Whether it is cheese from Burgenland or wine from the Viennese hills, you will surely find something that tickles your fancy at the festival. Serving both foodie consumers and creators, there is a 200 m² gazebo (Gourmetzelt) where farmers and bakers share tips and secrets about their special techniques as well as host workshops and talks on subjects such as sustainable and environmentally-friendly cooking and farming. Cooking demonstrations take place throughout the day, giving visitors the opportunity to learn the art of creating authentic Austrian dishes.

Crowds at the festival | © Christian Jobst

Verkostung des Genussfestivals im Wiener Stadtpark

The event is family-friendly and contains a sizeable BBQ area where guests can settle down and enjoy a picnic and the lively surroundings.

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