Enjoy watching the elephant family bathing in the mud full of excitement


The family of African elephants got together to bathe in mud and play with excitement to celebrate the days when the drought was over.

Photographer Greg McCall-Peat had the opportunity to go to Umlani Bush Camp, Timbavati area, Kruger National Park, South Africa and was fortunate to capture extremely interesting images of the fun mud bath of the African elephant family. . (According to Africa Geographic)

The recent drought has caused many animals and plants in Africa to suffer from severe water shortages. That’s why when the rains came, dispelling the burning heat and bringing cool drops of water, the lovely elephant family held a mud bath party to celebrate. (According to Africa Geographic)

According to photographer Greg McCall-Peat, he has never seen such an interesting sight of wild African elephants in his 13 years of wildlife photography. (According to Africa Geographic)

The elephants behaved like they were all children, burying themselves in the mud to cool off, wrestling each other and then plopping down and playing with each other’s trunks with amusement. (According to Africa Geographic)

They celebrate the end of the long drought by constantly burying themselves in the mud. (According to Africa Geographic)

The whole herd of elephants lay on top of each other, playing together in the mud, getting rid of all worries. (According to Africa Geographic)

The young elephants, after playing tired of playing, lie down in the mud to enjoy the coolness brought by the mud layer. (According to Africa Geographic)

They even want to take a nap because it’s too comfortable. (According to Africa Geographic)

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