Elephant Loses Leg In Explosion, Triumphantly Walks Again With Prosthetic


When Mosha the elephant was just 7 months old, tragedy struck – a landmine explosion claimed her right foreleg. Luckily, she was saved by Friends of the Asian Elephant Hospital, a rescue center in Thailand that bills itself as the oldest elephant hospital in the world.

Mosha has been outfitted with prosthetic legs since 2008, a couple of years after she was rescued from the wild near the Thailand-Myanmar border. Therdchai Jivacate, a doctor who specializes in human amputations, attributes her survival to her prostheses. “When she cannot walk, she is going to die,” he told the Daily Telegraph in 2009.

Like a hermit crab outgrowing his shell, Mosha’s increasing size means she needs a new leg every few years:


Having bulked up since her youth – Asian elephants munch on up to 330 pounds of vegetation a day – she recently received an upgrade:

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