Elephant captures some interesting angles when it picks up a hidden camera in its trunk


This is a comical moment when a curious elephant picks up a hidden camera on its way and decides to take a closer look.

Wildlife photographer Frank De Beer hid a GoPro in the undergrowth to film a herd of elephants in the Olifant’s West nature reserve in South Africa.

The camera footage shows the herd on their way through the park before one of them discovers the hidden camera with her trunk and lifts it towards her mouth.

An elephant decides to inspect the hidden camera before lifting it off the ground at Olifants West Nature Reserve in South Africa

An elephant’s trunk moves towards the GoPro planted by wildlife photographer Frank De Beer

It then moves the camera and captures a number of angles – including a short part of the inside of the mouth – before being thrown on the ground.

The curious creature was the last in a line of elephants to walk over and sniff at the GoPro.

One had been curious enough to sniff the camera, but it kept going.

Mr. De Beer, who works as a guide at Simbavati Safari, said he was “very happy” with what he was able to capture.

He said, “I was thrilled with the result, especially when the elephant decided to try the GoPro.

“It’s fascinating because you never know what you’re going to be filming.

“They can be curious animals because they all have different personalities, some of which are more curious than others.

The animal uses its trunk to move the camera around and captures a range of different angles in the process

The elephant picks up the GoPro camera from the ground and moves it towards its mouth

“Elephants can generally sense if there is something that does not come from their natural environment. In this case, the elephant kicked the GoPro before examining it.

“He tried to find out what the foreign body was by touching it and tasting it. After a few minutes, he realized that it was not food or dangerous and lost interest.”

Over the years, Mr. De Beer has captured a range of footage of wildlife in South Africa.

In 2020, Mr. De Beer was walking in the Greater Kruger National Park, one of Africa’s largest game reserves, in Limpopo, South Africa, when he spotted a black rhinoceros charging towards him.

Fortunately, the charge was more of a warning, and the rhinoceros ran off in a different direction, leaving Mr. De Beer unharmed.

In 2017, the wildlife photographer managed to plant a GoPro near an elephant grazing along a dry river bed in Hoedspruit Limpopo, South Africa.

The camera was able to capture the elephant inspecting the new device with its trunk before leaving.

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