Elephant Breaks Sprinkler And Creates Her Own Fountain


Faa Sai was having so much fun with the sprinkler that she forgot about her size. All she wanted to do was cool down and have some fun in the sprinkler, but that sprinkler quickly turned into a fountain once she broke it. When an elephant wants to play in the water, she needs more water than the sprinkler could give her.

Faa Sai is a rescued elephant that lives at the Elephant Nature Park in the Chiang Mai Province in Thailand. She was rescued when she was four years old from abusive trainers wanting to put Faa Sai in a circus. She was abused and refusing to eat.

That is until she was brought back to life at Elephant Nature Park.

Faa Sai had been welcomed to an environment where she knows she is safe and can show off her personality.

In the video, posted by Elephant Nature Park, Faa Sai is cleaning off her feet with the sprinkler, but she wants to wet more than her feet. Faa Sai must be a quick thinker because she easily stepped on the sprinkler. This caused the sprinkler to spray upwards at Faa Sai.

This is exactly what Faa Sai was looking for, a better sprinkler.

Faa Sai starts to have some fun in the sprinkler. She moves around and makes sure that water is getting her entire body wet. She was cooling off way better now. She almost looks as if she is dancing in the sprinkler.

Faa Sai is able to completely soak her body, but she still wants more.

Faa Sai’s name means ‘Clear Sky After a Storm.’

It is the most fitting name because her early life was her storm. Then her entire life became a clear sky once she was rescued by the Elephant Nature Park. Instead of being abused she now gets to spend her days dancing in a sprinkler. It is amazing to see the rainbow that forms from Faa Sai’s sprinkler fun.

The storm has passed.

Faa Sai starts to push the sprinkler down again with her foot, but this time it is not the outcome she was hoping for.
What started off as good, clean fun quickly becomes a mud fountain. Faa Sai kept pushing down the sprinkler until the pipe completely breaks off. It is not just a sprinkler anymore, it’s a gushing fountain. Faa Sai grabs the pipe with her trunk and sets it away from the water gushing out of the ground.

Faa Sai tries to stop the water by any means necessary.

She tries to stop it with her feet, but it still keeps rushing out. When that does not work she even tries to stop it with her face multiple times. After all that cleaning off with the sprinkler, Faa Sai is getting pretty muddy again!

Faa Sai quickly realizes that she is not going to be able to stop the water. So, Faa Sai starts to walk off, probably to claim innocence. Before she completely walks away, she gets one last moment with the sprinkler, she lifts her back leg into the water spray. She was not letting that great water pressure go to waste!

Watch Faa Sai’s water sprinkler fun in full right below.

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