Don’t get in a flap! moment a.n.g.r.y ostrich chases off antelope that get too close to his chicks

South Africa

This overprotective ostrich got in a right flap looking after his newborn chicks – when a series of other animals just got a bit too close to his offspring.

The enormous bird was sure to chase off any animals who got near his precious brood – including another ostrich.

In an amusing series of events, the bird was captured on camera by wildlife photographer Maureen Gibson, really flexing its wings in Mara Mata in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, South Africa.

Maureen said: “My first thought on seeing the Ostrich family was: ‘Wow! what a lot of chicks they have to take care of in the wild!’ But this ostrich seemed to be determined to protect his young

“The male Ostrich was doing a lot of the work guarding his family, although the mother also helped to ward off the inquisitive young Springboks and was alert.

“At one stage a Gemsbokgot a bit close and was also chased.

“It is not often that we see such a large family in the wild due to predation of the very young and vulnerable chicks.”


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