Dog Senses Little Girl Is In Danger, Goes Into Defender Mode To Protect The Girl


The trainers at Protection Dogs Plus of New Hampshire have dedicated themselves to preparing strong, fit, and reliable canines, who turn from an adorable pooch to a fierce defender in times of need.

They mostly breed and train German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois, who are known for their intimidating stature. In this video, we are introduced to 5-year-old Lyla and her protector dog, Arko. Head trainer, Khaled Behisy, wants to test Arko’s defenses, so he decides to play the role of an attacker.

Man Circles Dog And 5-Year-Old Girl, Then She Gives The Signal And Dog  Springs Into Action

As Khaled approaches Lyla, Lyla gives Arko a signal to get his defense-mode on. Sure enough, the huge dog catches on, and growls aggressively, as he jumps at Khaled. His ace training shows when he goes straight for Khaled’s arm to overpower him.

Now, don’t they make a formidable pair? Khaled assures that every dog under their training is as loving as any other dog, just equipped with the added confidence to protect their families from intruders or other dangerous happenings. We won’t be surprised if they end up saving lives someday. What an amazingly well-trained dog!


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