Dentist Gifts Triumph, The Koala, A New Prosthetic Foot


A koala in Australia has just been gifted a new prosthetic foot thanks to a dentist! After years of waiting, he can finally climb trees without hassle!


(Image Source: Friends Of The Koala / Brad Mustow )

Triumph, the adorable koala, was rescued back in March 2017 by Veterinarian nurse Marley Christian in New South Wales. The poor joey was found next to his d.y.i.n.g mother and was also missing a foot.

Several attempts were made to make a prosthetic foot for the koala. However, they were all unsuccessful. Finally, a local dentist, Jon Doulman, found out about Triumph and decided to take on his case.

Doulman told ABC, “I take impressions of mouths, and all dentures are different, and it just dawned on me that I should have a go and see if I can manufacture something for him.”

The new foot fit Triumph extremely well. The prosthetic is pink, with a velcro strap to ensure the foot remains attached.

triumph prosthetic foot

(Image Source: Friends Of The Koala / Brad Mustow )

Marley Christian said, “Once I put the little boot on him [Triumph] and he did this little jump, then he was running around and climbing, I actually cried.”

Further adding, “It’s the best thing that ever happened, I would do absolutely anything for this boy.”

Christian is Triumph’s primary caretaker at the Friends of the Koala Centre in Lismore. The Centre has become the koala’s permanent home since he is unable to be released into the wild.

brad mustow koala

(Image Source: Friends Of The Koala / Brad Mustow )

According to Friends of the Koala, the little koala is exhausted after all the attention that he is receiving. On Saturday, they posted a photo of him on Facebook. Alongside they wrote, “[Triumph] is exhausted after all the attention he’s been getting lately. He said he’ll get back to you about that autographed photo.”

Triumph’s entire demeanor has changed after being fitted with his new foot. Now he is able to climb trees and play with all the other koalas at the centre.

friends of the koala foot

(Image Source: Friends Of The Koala / Brad Mustow )


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