Cutest Bear Cub Tries To Trespass Border Without Documents


A traveler wanted to cross the US-Canadian border but lacked essential documents. However, this traveler was persistent in crossing the border. The cutest traveller was none other than an adorable bear cub who had no clue whether she wants to go to Alaska or Canada.

(Image Source: Facebook/Canada Border Services Agency)

This bear cub was alone and was reportedly looking for food. Besides this, a nearby animal rescue center told a news source that they were already in search of the cub as they were worried about how could it survive the extreme winter.

(Image Source: Facebook/Canada Border Services Agency)

The little explorer lost her mom, earning her the name “Annie” after ‘little Orphan Annie’. Luckily, the shelter was able to trick the hungry cub into returning to the Northern Lights Wildlife Society shelter.

The Society planned on releasing the cub into the wild once the winters got over. They are also well aware of the underweight cub and are providing all the necessary nutrients to the cub.

(Image Source: Facebook/Canada Border Services Agency)

The post on Facebook by the Canadian Border Agency Service made people go nuts over it. They rather found it extremely adorable. They could not get over her cuteness.

The bear is now doing well but only weighs around 20 pounds whereas she should be around 50 pounds. Now, this is one concerning factor for the shelter. It is different for bears among them once they start to eat a proper diet they start to grow.

bear cub
(Image Source: Facebook/Northern lights Wildlife Society)

Encounters of bears are very common with humans in winters because that’s when they are roaming around to look for food.

People have been pouring love for her. She is one cute baby. On the other hand, she should have a passport with multiple visas so she may go where ever she wants to in the future.

(Image Source: Facebook/Northern lights Wildlife Society)

In the end, we wish her all the best for her future adventures in life!


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