Christmas in Austria: 15 Best Christmas Markets in Austria


Like Germany, Austria is also decorated with lots of Christmas markets during the holiday season. The country is relatively smaller therefore, there are fewer markets, but they are quite closer to each other, making it easier to explore.

You can choose from different traditional sweets and handmade crafts in the Christmas market trips to Austria. The Austrian royals were the first to bring the Christmas tree to the house, and the snow globe was invented in Vienna.

All the following cities have the best Christmas markets in Austria.


  • Christmas markets southern Austria are also known as Christkindlmarkt, and santa is also known as Christkindl here.
  • Where are the best Christmas markets in Austria? – Salzburg and Vienna have the most popular Christmas markets.
  • Christmas markets of Austria open by late November and close mostly just before Christmas Eve, while some remain open further.


Vienna Austria Christmas market


Among all the cities in the country, Vienna is one of the biggest Christmas markets in Austria. You can find the huge range of both large and small markets with serene backdrops of medieval architecture.

If you visit one city for Christmas markets, choose Vienna as the city is very beautiful in winter. You can also enjoy a Christmas market tour in Vienna. Here are some of the best European Christmas markets in Vienna.


  • Start Date: from November 17 to December 26
  • Venue: Rathauspark ahead of Vienna City Hall

The Christkindlmarkt at Rathauspltaz is the most touristy and commercial Christmas market in southern Austria. However, don’t avoid it at any cost.

Even locals visit here to catch the dazzling lights of the massive Christmas tree, which is standing proudly facing the city, which makes for a great backdrop.

With around 150 stalls, it is enormous. You can have a great time here and taste varieties of food. You can also take rides like a merry-go-round. You can also rent skates because there is a skating rink here.


  • Venue: Freyung Square
  • Start Date: from November 23 to December 23

The Old Viennese Christmas Market here was first operated in 1772. It is well known to offer traditional Austrian handicrafts, gingerbread, plenty of mulled wine, and jewelry. You can also explore the city center here.

An Advent on Karlsplatz

  • Start Date: November 23 to December 23

This venue of the Christmas market is not just beautiful, but also different from just another Christmas market in Austria as it is well located facing Karlskirche Church.

There are arts and crafts available from different parts of Austria rather than just knick-knacks in most of the Christmas markets.

Another thing worth mentioning is that all the food items available here are certified organic. There are shows available here with fashion, theatre, and fire dancers.

Schönbrunner Weihnachtsmarkt

  • Venue: Schönbrunn Palace
  • Start Date: November 24 to January 6

This Christmas market in Vienna is a fan-favorite for both tourists and locals. You should not miss the Christmas market of Schönbrunn.

Also, visit the Schönbrunn Palace even when Christmas lights are not shining behind.

Be sure to spend a day at Schönbrunn Palace and visit the evening market. The plays and live music in the evening are always available during the afternoons on the weekend.

If you are around this city for New Year’s Eve, this city remains open as New Year’s market until January.


  • Start Date: November 21 to December 26

Another beautiful German Christmas market in Austria, Maria-Theresian-Platz, has another serene backdrop with two museums around the market.

You can easily find the typical arts and crafts and various food options at around 70 booths. You may want to get around museums here.

Christmas Market Salzburg Austria


Salzburg has only two Christmas markets, but it also shows its exceptional beauty in winter like Vienna. The streets are filled with Christmas lights hanging in star shapes, and the major city squares are filled with stalls on the markets.

Be sure to visit Hallstatt from Salzburg. It is among the most serene places with mountains topped with snow covering the lake as well as a small town. It also has a Christmas market.

Salzburg Christmas Market

  • Venues: Residenz Square and Cathedral
  • Start Date: November 22 to December 26

This Christmas market has got some serious and long-back history. It initially appeared in the 17th century, and it was the first Christmas market, which opened after major cities of Paris, Vienna, Nuremberg, and Amsterdam.

It is now the largest market in town and it is great to stroll around with lights hanging around just in front of Salzburg Cathedral. Expect for some gingerbread, skating rink, and roasted chestnuts to try.

Mirabell Square

  • Start Date: November 22 to December 24

As compared to Salzburg, it is a relatively smaller market but is still located centrally with several culinary delights to try.

Hellbrunner Adventzauber

  • Start Date: November 22 to December 22

Located just outside the city center of Salzburg within 20 minutes, the Hellbrunn Castle has its unique charm as a Christmas market. It has gained a lot of popularity over the years and offers all of your favorite goodies. The sleigh ride is truly the real treat here.

Hauptplatz Christmas Market


Graz is one of the less frequented cities by tourists. However, the Christmas markets here are wonderful and festive. It has a lot of beautiful locations which are calm thanks low crowd. The full of life nativity is found here with an Advent calendar and ice.

Mariahilferplatz Christmas Market

  • Start Date: November 23 to December 23

This Christmas market serves as a great alternative to just another traditional market. It has a massive Ferris wheel offering the serene views of the music program and sparkling lights.

Hauptplatz Christmas Market

  • Start Date: November 23 to December 24

It is the most popular and largest market in Graz facing town hall and offers traditional handicrafts. Do not miss the cocktail of wine and rum “Feuerzangenbowle,” which is set on fire.


  • Start Date: November 23 to December 23

It is another great Christmas market in the city, which keeps with Styria, its local theme every year. It offers locally made products in this region.

Innsbruck Marktplatz


Located by the mountains, Innsbruck attracts a lot of tourists, especially for skiing trips. The Christmas markets here make it so much more special with its serene views of the mountains. They add another romantic charm like the ones in Vienna.

Old Town in Innsbruck

  • Venue: City Centre, facing the Golden Roof
  • Start Date: November 15 to December 23

Located in the medieval Old Town, this Christmas market is hosted just in front of the well-known Golden Roof. It has more than 70 stalls famous for its Fairy Tale Alley “Marchengasse.”

You can find several popular fairy tale characters here on the ledges and windows of the buildings like the Snow White. You may often hear the trumpets while strolling through the market, which sounds from the Golden Roof.

If you love the traditional flair of Christmas, be sure to visit here. The huge Christmas tree sparkles beautifully along the Innsbruck’s Golden Roof. The trumpeters play the classic Christmas songs on the balcony every day at 5:30.


  • Start Date: November 15 to December 23

The Family Christmas Market of Marktplatz is the best choice for adults and kids. It has a carousel and petting zoo for kids and more than 60 stalls to shop amazing ornaments and handcrafted decorations.

There is a huge Swarovski Crystal Tree in the center. The whole market below gets the shine of its crystals. This tree has more than 17,000 Swarovski crystals, and it stands 14m tall.

There is a puppet theatre for your family entertainment with stalls of crafts and food.


  • Venue: Hungerburg Cable Station
  • Start Date: November 25 to December 23

Set amidst the serene backdrops of Austria, Hungerburg is another beautiful Christmas market is known for offering handmade Austrian decorations.

Hop on the Nordkette cable car to travel across the mountains and capture breathtaking views of the Innsbruck.

Kitzbühel and Linz

Kitzbühel and Linz

A lot of Christmas markets mentioned here are very popular and large ones. If you are going out of the way to find the ones which are a bit smaller but equally beautiful, stop by Linz and Kitzbühel.


  • Start Date: November 30 to December 26

Located at a ski resort, Kitzbühel is one of the best Christmas markets in town. Along with a great shopping experience, there is something more to it.

The market is occasionally visited by St. Nicholas himself. It also hosts the Grand St. Nicholas Parade. You can enjoy live music from some singers and performances of choirs.


  • Venue: Volksgarten
  • Start Date: Opens from November 18 to December 24

Volksgarten is one of the best Christmas markets here. You can enjoy some locally-made pastries while walking along with the booths and enjoying the drift of classical music. It has some crib games to try, and it displays a well-lit Christmas pyramid.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of best Christmas markets in Austria. If you are planning for your next visit, do not miss these markets.


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