Chilled out hippo sits back and relaxes at his very own infinite pool

South Africa

Amusing images appear to show a chilled-out hippo relaxing at his very own infinity pool.

But in the fact, the hippo was spotted at the high water bridge on the N4 crossing the Komati river in South Africa, leaning against an overflow wall.

Louw Pretorius, 47, captured the shots whilst out with his family and admits that it wasn’t the first time he had seen the animal.

Louw said: “We travel along that road at least 10 times a week and we have seen the hippo on several occasions doing the same thing on the overflow wall.

“My family and I often visit the Kruger Park and have never witnessed such behavior before, it’s amazing that the hippo keeps re-appearing at the same spot.

“It really does look like he is relaxing and watching everyone pass by on the busy road.”


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