Cherry Blossom Festival in Vancouver


Everyone likes a good cherry blossom, right? That is certainly true in Vancouver for the Vancouver cherry blossom festival. When the tree starts to turn pink, you finally catch a glimpse of the coming summer, it makes you forget all the dark winter days and endless rain. Anyways, juice up those memory cards, get those wistful stares ready, and letโ€™s go.

What is the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival?

Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival

This is one of the most beautiful festivals in Vancouver! The cherry blossom festival in Vancouver, Canada is effectively a celebration of spring and beautiful blossom. In Vancouver, there are about 40,000 cherry blossoms so you can easily admire the cherry blossoms here.

When is the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival and when do cherry blossoms bloom?

The official Cherry Blossom Festival this year takes places from April 4th to April 23rd

The Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival takes place from March to mid-April often considered to be cherry blossom season. Basically from when the tree starts to bloom until they are no longer available. So if it’s a particularly harsh winter, the season maybe a little later, and if it’s been mild, you can expect the cherry blossom season to be a little earlier.

The official cherry blossom festival this year takes place from April 4th to April 28th

Cherry Blossom Festival

How long do cherry blossoms last?

Cherry blossom trees tend to be in full bloom for a week or two so you’ll need to get out there and snap them quick!

Cherry Blossom Festival

Where are the best places to spot cherry blossoms in Vancouver?

It depends on the year as the best cherry blossom place. However, there are certain areas of Vancouver, where you may be more impressed by cherry blossoms than in other areas. Here are some top picks for spotting cherry blossoms in Vancouver.

Graveley Street (at Lillooet)

Graveley Street (at Lillooet)

If Instagram is any indication, the Graveley St section between Lillooet and Rupert is the “it” point for cherry blossoms in Vancouver this year. These blooms of flowers blooming are amazing, with towering cherry trees creating a pink canopy above the head (and the beautiful white flowers at Rupert’s head). However, remember, this is just a residential area, so avoid the road when the car is trying to pass.

Queen Elizabeth Park

Queen Elizabeth Park

Queen Elizabeth Park is a famous place for picnics, dating and taking photos of the cherry blossoms. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best places to find cherry blossoms in Vancouver. They even have some events at Queen Elizabeth Park during the festival so you know it’s gotta be a good spot.

Granville Square Plaza (Around Waterfront)

Granville Square Plaza (Around Waterfront)

This small square in front of Granville Square is one of my favorite spots in the city. Located right by Waterfront Station, this is the perfect place to shrink the sight of the iconic Canadian Place sails and the sweeping North Shore mountains – all the better when cherry blossoms bloom and one more pastel pink into the scene. This is the quintessential snap of Vancouver, so get to it!

Other beautiful spots to find the best cherry blossoms in Vancouver

Seabreeze between Hornby and Howe

Beach & Thurlow

David Lam Park

Marinaside and Davie (by the houses on the seawall)

Burrard Skytrain Station

Coal Harbour, Waterfront

Robson Street (side streets west of Thurlow)

Arbutus Ridge

W 4th Avenue (Cornwall Avenue and Yew Street)

The West End up and down Gilford Street

VanDusen Botanical Garden: The Van Dusen Gardens are great whatever the time of year, especially during spring!
cherry blossoms in Vancouver

cherry blossoms in Vancouver

There are many different events in Vancouver that take place during the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival to celebrate the spring and the blooming of these beautiful trees.

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