Cape May County Zoo Welcomes New Primates Onboard


The Cape May County Zoo has welcomed new primates on board. Primate twins have been born at the zoo.

The zoo has welcomed cotton-topped tamarins that were recently born at the zoo.
(Image Source:ย Cape May County Zoo)

The primates in question are the cotton-topped tamarins. The twins have been born to mother Cordelia and father Tam Tam. Moreover, this is the second birth of the pair so far. The mother gave birth to a female tamarin last August.

The zoo staff have not been able to determine the gender of the primates. However, they can be seen around their parents and their big sister, Kida. The Cape May County Herald has reported this. Furthermore, the zoo commemorates the efforts of its staff for breeding the cotton-topped tamarins.

The Species Survival Plan (SSP) includes the tamarins. It is a worldwide conservation program for endangered species. The American Zoo and Aquarium Association has accredited the zoo staff. Their work has benefitted animals worldwide.

(Image Source:ย Cape May County Zoo)

The cotton-topped tamarin is a primate with a unique color. Also, it is incredibly intelligent for an animal. They inhabit a very small region of northwestern Columbia. There, they dwell in dry, tropical and humid forests.

The cotton-topped tamarins have a small digestive tract. According to the New England Primate Conservancy, the primates require the best quality of food to stay healthy. They are omnivores who happen to be very picky eaters. Furthermore, insects and fruits make up most of their diet. They have also been consuming small reptiles along with amphibians.

(Image Source:ย Cape May County Zoo)

They tend to form groups of 2-7 tamarins. There are usually one or two breeding males in the group. The breeding males and females are the dominant members of the group. The females enjoy full dominance when it comes to food. Moreover, the group co-operates as a team when it is threatened by predators.

The cotton-topped tamarins defend themselves as well as their fellow group mates. The group fiercely defends any injured member. Furthermore, one group member keeps watch when everyone is resting. Talk about perfect co-ordination!


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