Best Natural Wonders in Portugal


Want a good reason to go to Portugal? It is one of the European countries with the greatest diversity of natural landscapes.

The Portuguese have always taken care of our greatest wealth on earth, nature. Untouched, dazzling landscapes are all over the country. From the Azores to the north of Portugal, Madeira, the Algarve, here is your selection of the most beautiful natural wonders in Portugal.

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Poçà da Alagoinha

Nature wonders in Portugal - Pozo Ribeira do Ferreiro - Copyright Mikadun  - European Best Destinations

You will be surprised not to see a dinosaur emerge from this landscape straight out of the film Jurassic Park.

Lush nature, waterfalls, ponds, Flores is a true paradise for nature lovers and hikers. This beautiful island, lost in the middle of the Pacific, is quite easy to access since each island in the Azores archipelago has its own airport.

Praia da Falésia

Nature wonders in Portugal - Praia da Falésia - Copyright Sopotnicki   - European Best Destinations

Only a few kilometres from the famous Albufeira seaside resort is a place of rare beauty, Praia da Falesia – Olhos de Agua.

When I do meditation exercises I think of Praia da Falésia, a place where couples walk along an endless beach, where dogs (even if they are prohibited) have fun, where lovers of intense emotions do paragliding from the cliffs.

Islet of Vila Franca do Campo

Nature wonders in Portugal - Islet of Vila Franca do Campo  - Copyright De visu - European Best Destinations

Facing the island of Sao Miguel, the main island of the Azores Archipelago, the Islet of Vila Franca do Campo will be the icing on the cake of your stay in the Azores.

Only 1 kilometre from the coast, this small island is actually the visible part of an incredible underwater volcano. Crystal clear waters and a small beach await you in this unique little corner of paradise.

Benagil Caves

Nature wonders in Portugal - Benagil Caves in Carvoeiro - Copyright Nido Huebl - European Best Destinations

Dugged by the waves, this cave is spectacular inside with the sunlight streaming through the roof , the waters are clear, the sand is fine, the beach is secret: you can get there only by boat or Kayak.

Penada Geres National Park

Nature wonders in Portugal - Penada-Geres National Park - Copyright  struna   - European Best Destinations

Northern Portugal is a perfect area for nature lovers but rains are a little more frequent than in the south of the country , that’s why the landscapes are so green.

“Peneda Geres” national Park is located just a few kilometres from the Spanish border, one hour’s drive from the beautiful city of Porto. You can spend the day hiking or kayaking here today by booking your tours and activities in the North of Portugal such as a « Geres Kayaking tour from Porto with lunch » or a « Hiking and Sightseeing tour of Peneda Geres National Park ».

Douro Valley

Nature wonders in Portugal - Douro Valley - Copyright  Kite_rin - European Best Destinations

Ranked among the most beautiful landscapes in Europe, the Douro Valley must be on top of your travel bucket list.

Did you intend to stay in Porto for 3 days? The idea is good, but if you add 1 or 2 days to your trip you can discover wonderful places such as the Douro Valley. Leave your place in the morning by car or train to Pinhao, a charming little town on the edge of the Douro Valley. Once there, board a “Rabelo” a traditional Portuguese boat which used to transport barrels of Port wine. The barrels were transported from their place of production, the Douro Valley, to the cellars, the warehouses where the wines of Porto were stored, on the banks of Gaia, in front of Porto.

Arrabida Natural Park

Arrabida Natural Park is a true paradise for nature lovers. This park is located north of Setubal, a charming little town 40 minutes from Lisbon.

Beautiful walks await hiking enthusiasts and, for those who just want to rest and enjoy the sun, beautiful beaches rewarded among the most beautiful beaches in Europe. Book your flights to Lisbon and your accommodation at the best price in Lisbon or Setubal. We advise you to book your room at ‘Ha mar ao Luar’, we stayed there and it was perfect.

Ponta da Piedade

Nature wonders in Portugal - Arrabida Natural Park - Copyright  Landscape Nature Photo  - European Best Destinations

Located in Lagos, one of the favourite destinations of English travellers in the Algarve, Ponta da Piedade is one of the most beautiful natural sites in Portugal. You will reach this somewhat secret place by going to the lighthouse of Ponta da Piedade (park your car near the lighthouse).

Stairs carved into the rock will take you to the foot of these magnificent cliffs. You can also discover Ponta da Piedade by sea: take a kayak or boat trip.

Sete Cidades

Nature wonders in Portugal - Ponta da Piedade  - Copyright  Benny Marty  - European Best Destinations

Located on the heights of Sao Miguel Island, the largest island in the Azores Archipelago, Sete Cidades has been ranked by travellers from around the world as the most beautiful landscape in Europe.

This volcano rises to almost 900 metres above sea level, at its centre, several lakes of incredible colours. You will see two lakes of a different colour, Lake Verde and Lake Azul, named after their colour, green and blue.

The legend says that the lakes might have been filled with the tears of a young loving couple, a young shepherd and a princess. The young shepherd crying tears of an emerald green colour and the young princesscrying blue tears.

Plantation of orange trees in the Algarve

Nature wonders in Portugal - Orange tree plantation in the Algarve - Copyright  Sopotnicki - European Best Destinations

Some ignorant people about the Algarve may say that the region is mostly a concrete region. In fact the Algarve is one of the least populated regions in Europe: nature is everywhere. Most of the Algarve cities are on a human scale and are separated by kilometres of nature reserves, plantations and agricultural areas except.

To get a glimpse of the beauty of this region we advise you treat yourself to a balloon flight you will fly over the green valleys of the Algarve, the landscape is breathtaking!

You have heard about recent fires in Monchique and you are reticent about spending a holiday in the Algarve? Rest assured: nature is quickly recovering its rights and landscapes are already green.

Discover the Algarve from the sky by booking your stay in the Algarve and your tours and activities in the Algarve such as a balloon flight with Lena: she is passionate about this beautiful region.

Pico Island

Nature wonders in Portugal - Pico Copyright  Robert van der Schoot  - European Best Destinations

This volcano does not represent a part of the Pico island: it is the whole island! Pico is one of the central islands of the Azores with Sao Jorge and Faial. The Pico island can be seen from these islands; it dominates the horizon with its magnificent volcano that looks a bit like Mount Fuji.

You can go to Pico island from Sao Jorge or Faial, by boat. The island of Pico is incredible; locals fought hard to tame the elements. they even managed to grow vines!

Do not hesitate to take a hike on the heights of the volcano, you will feel like you are in Scotland or Ireland.


Best natural wonders in Algarve - Capelinhos Faial copyright  Henner Damke  - European Best Destinations

We had a real crush on Capelinhos! We had the chance to visit this part of Faial Island with Pedro, the head of the Faial Botanical Garden.

Faial is one of the central islands of the Azores with Pico Island and Sao Jorge Island. The island of Faial is an ideal starting point to discover these islands that seem to be lost in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Capelinhos is the name of this volcano whose cliffs plunge into the ocean. In the fifties this volcano, located at the western end of the island of Faial, erupted in a rather spectacular way and enlarged the island of Faial by 2.5 kilometres.

Discover the history of this volcano by visiting the “Capelinhos Volcano Interpretation Centre”: a magnificent museum that explains how volcanoes operate in a fun way.

Pico do Arieiro

Nature wonders in Portugal - Pico Areiro in Madeira - Copyright Rusinka   - European Best Destinations

On top of Madeira Island, 30 minutes drive from the centre of Funchal, Pico do Arieiro offers one of the best hikes in Europe.

From “Pico do Arieiro” to “Pico Ruivo” you will discover the unspoiled nature of one of the most beautiful islands in Europe. Along this path are small villages, lost in the middle of the mountains: people live there (some of them have never left their mountains). The sky is blue, the air is pure: it is never too hot or too cold.

Volcano Crater

Nature wonders in Portugal - Volcano Crater - Corvo Island - Copyright Federica Violin  - European Best Destinations

Nature is amazing but man can be amazing too! The people of this tiny island, lost in the middle of the Pacific worked hard and with determination to cultivate the lands of Corvo Island.

Only 450 people live on Corvo Island now, the smallest island in the Azores. Surprisingly, the island is relatively easy to reach thanks to its airport in direct connection with the other main airports of the Azores such as Ponta Delgada, Flores or Faial.


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