Berlin’s Urban Culture – Talent is at Every Corner


Berlin is an incredible city, especially when it comes to urban talent and dynamic culture – perhaps Berlin is one of the most famous in this regard. Graphic artists, designers, skateboarders, and their amazing artwork can stun you even while walking on the streets. So much to observe wherever you go.

Maybe that’s the reason I love this city. Things keep changing here all the time, you just cannot say that you have seen all the artistic and cultural dimensions Berlin has to offer. Here I picked up my camera and decided to share some of my favorite street artwork from all over the city.

By Antoine Heil

New place, close to Badeschiff.

A sticker at the Berlin Wall, new form of graffiti.

And the Wall itself is probably one of the largest street art galleries.

Cassiopeia Club at night. Great place for music and street art.

Even behind the club there are some great pieces.

Hip Hop day inside of abandoned ice factory.

Inside of ice factory.

Grafffreaks !!!

Another good place, far from the center! GreifswalderstraรŸe and skaters.

The skaters pool in the park Marie village.

Teufelsberg, one of the best. Difficult to get in there, but worth it.


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