Baby Koala Hugs Mother As Doctors Perform Surgery On Her


A 6-month-old baby koala named Phantom wouldn’t let go of his mother while doctors performed surgery on her.

Phantom and his mother had gone through a horrific accident on Warrego Highway in Australia. The mother suffered from severe facial trauma and also had a collapsed lung.

baby koala

(Image Source: Facebook / Australia Zoo )

The koalas were taken to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital. The legendary Steve Irwin had founded the hospital with his wife.

The baby koala was unharmed when he was brought into the hospital. However, the mother was in terrible condition. Once her surgery began, her son just couldn’t leave her alone. The tiny joey latched onto his mother and wouldn’t leave her side.

One of the nurses thought it would have been a better idea to keep the pair together. Separating them could have quite easily traumatized them or even made them anxious.

A statement released to ABC News from the hospital read, “Phantom is with Lizzy during her procedures and checkups to ensure neither mum nor bub get stressed out,” the hospital said.

Furthermore, they added, “Similarly, Phantom is in a ‘pouch’ during weighing to ensure he feels safe and protected while away from mum.”

Thankfully, Lizzy made a full recovery. A post from the Zoo read, “Lizzy is now recovering well under the expert care of the vet team and getting some serious TLC from six-month-old Phantom, who is too young to leave her side.”

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(Image Source: Facebook / Australia Zoo )

From birth, joeys are extremely dependent on their mothers. According to National Geographic, Koalas continue their post-birth development inside their mothers’ pouch.

Moreover, Koalas are naturally quite solitary in nature. A joey will often cling to their mothers for two to four months before the joey separates from the mother to start a life of their own.

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature has classified the koala as a vulnerable species as of now. If their numbers continue to fall at the same rate, they could soon be endangered.

You can help their cause or donate on the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors. Follow them on their website and Facebook page for more updates.


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