Animal motherhood: Mother bear puts 2 cubs on her stomach, swims back across a cold lake


Motherhood exists not only in humans, a sentient higher being, but also in most other animals in nature. In it, wild animals such as lions, tigers or bears are no exception.

They can do it all for their cubs, here is a very rare sight of a mother bear carrying two cubs in a backstroke. He tries to keep his two cubs from falling into the water because they can’t swim yet.

Tình mẫu tử giới động vật: Gấu mẹ đặt 2 đứa con lên bụng, bơi ngửa qua hồ nước lạnh - Ảnh 1.

The reason bear cubs cannot swim (especially for long distances across rivers) is because they have a lower fat content than adults, high fat content is the key to helping the mother bear to float to the surface easily. and showed excellent swimming skills.

This Mama Bear Was Forced To Leave Her Cubs To Drown

Mother bears are really good long-distance swimmers, the distance they have to swim across a stretch of Lake Aleknagik (in Wood Tikchik Park, Alaska, USA) is extremely impressive: 366 m (lake). This is 32 km long and 26 km wide).

This Mama Bear Was Forced To Leave Her Cubs To Drown

But for their cubs, they can do anything, when reaching the other side, the mother bear and cub quickly hide from human gaze and dry their bodies by shaking their bodies.

By: Nat Geo

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