An Elephant Herd, Big And Small, Cheerfully Slide Down A Muddy Hill


Baby elephants have endless love for mud, just like most of our kids. They can spend all day playing in the mud, on their own, or with their friends. They don’t care how they look after the mud time. They have tons of fun and laughs. This is what makes sense!

And, this elephant herd does the same. When they were about to go down a muddy hill, some playful and energetic calves came up with an awesome idea. They created their own muddy slide. This not only helped them continued their journey but also had some fun.

Elephant Slide Down A Muddy Hill

At first, there were only two baby elephants to play on the slide. But the two couldn’t hide the excitement on their face. Slide down the muddy hill effortlessly. Who can resist? And the result is many other members, big and small, joined in the fun. Some went gracefully, some struggled, and some carefully walked down on their legs.

Elephant Slide Down A Muddy Hill

As it turns out, elephants love playing in mud even when they are no longer young animals. When the chance comes, they have no reason to ignore it.

These funny, adorable moments were captured by the conservation team from Elephant Voices. They spotted this herd when they were observing elephants near the Sand River gate in Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya.

When the team shared this adorable video on their social accounts, it attracted millions of likes and shares. People can’t resist the cuteness of these chunky animals.

Frolicking made the herd’s journey more exciting. This proves how important it is to create fun for yourself. You can find it in simple things and simple acts. And, don’t forget to spread these cheerful vibes to people around you.

Source: dailybbnews


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