After Wandering For 500km, A Herd Of Asian Elephants Take A Nap


A herd of Asian elephants stopped to nap after travelling a long distance in China.

(Image Source: Facebook/The Guardian)
The elephants had been trekking across the country for 500km. It took them 15 months to cover the distance. Heavy rains slowed them down and they decided to rest for a bit.

The herd of Asian elephants was being closely monitored as they passed through cities, villages, and fields. Subsequently, to keep track of them, local governments deployed around 500 personnel and 14 drones. They were to make sure that the herd is safe while also steering the herd in the right direction.

Herd Of Asian Elephants
(Image Source: Facebook/The Guardian)

There were 15 elephants in total, out of whom three were calves, one male and the remaining females. The male got separated but is still within the 4km radius from the rest.

On their way, the elephants made sure to eat millions of dollars worth of crops. Additionally, the herd kept prying throughout their travels. In the process, they also managed to damage buildings.

The news has intrigued people from around the world. It made rounds on all popular social media platforms.

Leaving their habitat to embark on this journey was an unlikely occurrence. Nonetheless, the purpose behind this trip is still unknown.

Herd Of Asian Elephants
(Image Source: Facebook/The Guardian)

Furthermore, people drew their own conclusion about the events. Claiming that it might be due to the leader of the herd being inexperienced. While others believe that it was matter of searching for a new habitat.

At the moment they are situated in China. The country inhibits 300 wild elephants.

Asian elephants are one of the largest living land mammals. The species is under threat. These encompass loss and fragmentation of habitat.

Herd Of Asian Elephants
(Image Source: Facebook/The Guardian)

The species is among the most intelligent animals on earth. Thus, they have the ability to demonstrate a variety of behaviors, these include compassion, grief, mimicry, using tools and self-awareness.

According to scientists, this is the most that any wild elephants has ever travelled.


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