A Rare White Alligator Has Arrived At Roger Williams Zoo


A rare white alligator is definitely a sight to see.

rare white alligator
(Image Source: Facebook/ Roger Williams Zoo)

Roger Williams Park Zoo just welcomed Elsa, the gator from a park in Florida to a temporary exhibit. She has been named after Queen Elsa from Disney’s “Frozen.”

Elsa is albino, causing her to lose the pigmentation in her skin. In addition to this, her eyes are red making her extremely unique.

Due to her condition, she deals with a few complications. Elsa has poor eyesight and has very sensitive skin. Therefore, she is prone to injuries. Subsequently, the zoo has made a covered enclosure for the new guest.

(Image Source: Facebook/ Roger Williams Zoo)

Even long exposures to the sun can result in sunburns. On top of that, her light coloring makes her vulnerable to predators as she won’t be able to camouflage.

Corrie Ignagni, a spokeswoman for the zoo says, “If she were in the wild, she wouldn’t make it. When they are born, they are only a few inches, so a larger alligator would probably prey on her.”

So, the rare white alligator requires a habitat catering to her condition.

(Image Source: Facebook/ Roger Williams Zoo)

Albino alligators lack the melanin pigment in their skin. They are the carriers of the recessive gene for albinism. The species is a simple variation of the American gator. The mutation results in either albino with pink-reddish eyes or leucistic with bluish eyes. Elsa is an adaptation of the prior one.

The magnificent creature is residing in the “Shades of Nature” currently. She is to be a part of an exhibit. That will take place on the 5th of September, 2021. The exhibit will also feature an albino snake.

(Image Source: Facebook/ Roger Williams Zoo)

Elsa herself is pretty active. She seems to be enjoying her time. Her activities include swimming and climbing over rocks. But her favorite has to be sleeping as per Ignagni. Which is a beloved activity of most gators.

If you plan on visiting Roger Williams Park Zoo soon be sure to spot the superstar.

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