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If there are two things that Switzerland is known for, those would be premium chocolates and marvelous railroads. Merge them together, and Switzerland has its iconic Swiss Chocolate Train. Passing through scenic sights, Swiss Chocolate Train is a remarkable excursion train that operates between the months of May and October. It is a first-class trip that starts from the breathtaking city of Montreaux to Broc, Switzerland, passing through the picturesque regions of Bernese Highlands, and ends back to Montreaux. Through this unforgettable experience, guests will be able to discover the secrets of chocolate and cheese productions. Also, guests will visit Gruyeres – a captivating medieval town in Switzerland. If you are planning to join this fantastic tour experience, here’s a guide to Swiss Chocolate Train, Switzerland.

1. Things to do / highlights

The more cheese there is, the more holes there are...

Swiss Chocolate Train, Switzerland is a one-of-a-kind train that treats people to an adventure, filled with picturesque views, and cultural know-how. You will be immersed in Switzerland’s various heritages, and you will surely experience an escapade that is one for the books. Here are some things to note for your upcoming Swiss Chocolate Train experience.

Enjoy scenic views
Swiss Chocolate Train runs from the city of Montreaux, and it has several stopovers. It operates on the rails of Montreux-Oberland-Bernois Railway, passing through picturesque regions of Switzerland and breathtaking landscapes. The ride is a fascinating Pullman 1915 vintage train. Throughout the trip, you will pass through the stunning region of Bernese, which is home to captivating cities, such as Interlaken, Grindelwald, Wengen, and more. Make the most of your trip by appreciating the views and marveling at the beauty of nature.

Explore the enchanting medieval town of Gruyeres
Included in the trip offered by the Chocolate Swiss Train is a visit to the beautiful medieval town of Gruyeres. Gruyeres nestles on the Fribourg canton of Switzerland. It is known for remarkable architecture and most, especially a one-of-a-kind cheese that bears the same name as Gruyeres. Guests will be toured across the city by bus.

Learn the art of Gruyeres cheese production
The main goal of the trip to Gruyeres is for guests to learn about the production of the famous Gruyeres cheese in La Maison du Gruyère. An experience that is perfect for culinary artists and foodies, Swiss Chocolate Train will tour you through La Maison du Gruyère, where you’ll engage in interactive activities with professional cheese-makers. Also, you’ll see some exhibits of tools and equipment that are essential in producing world-class Gruyeres cheese.

Visit a chocolate factory in the lovely town of Broc
If you are a hardcore chocolate-lover, you will surely enjoy the next destination that the Swiss Chocolate Train planned for you, it’s the Cailler Nestle Chocolate Factory in Broc, Switzerland. In this factory, you will have first-hand interaction with skilled chocolate-makers. Also, you will see the step-by-step production process. On top of that, you can buy these premium Swiss chocolate products for a cheaper factory price, compared to their mall prices.

Castle of Chillon
Aside from cheese and chocolate factories, guests of Swiss Chocolate Train will tour the marvelous Castle of Chillon, situated close to Montreux, Switzerland. It is a remarkable 13th-century architectural wonder that looks frozen back in time as it stands by the waters of Lac Leman. Visitors are welcome to explore the castle and marvel at its medieval beauty, every day of the year, excluding Christmas and New Year days.

2. What to eat

La Maison du Gruyere, Gruyeres | DestiMap | Destinations On Map

Coffee and croissant
This superb trip provides you with the opportunity to taste a delicious light fare, including chocolate croissants and coffee.

La Maison du Gruyère restaurant
On your stop at the fascinating La Maison du Gruyère, aside from touring the cheese factory, you can stop by the on-site restaurant for a quick culinary experience. This marvelous restaurant serves authentic Swiss dishes that will make you fall in love with the country even more. It has an indoor and outdoor seating area, which has 250 seats in total. While in the restaurant, be sure to try some of its signature dishes, including salade panachée, planchette de viande séchée, fondue moitié-moitié, risotto au Gruyère AOP et tomates, and more.

3. Things to buy


On your trip to La Maison du Gruyère, be sure to bag home as many cheese products as possible as you wouldn’t always have the chance to visit this fantastic cheese factory. Also, it’s not every day that you can go to Gruyere or ride the Swiss Chocolate Train, especially if you are not from Switzerland. While in La Maison du Gruyère, you can splurge on premium Swiss cheeses, Gruyère cream, butter, bakery products, and more.

Just like your excursion trip to La Maison du Gruyere, you are allowed to bag home some premium products from Cailler Nestle Chocolate Factory. Here, these products are chocolates. Cailler Nestle Chocolate Factory sells its products to the Swiss Chocolate Train guests for a cheaper factory price. This fantastic chocolate Willy Wonka world sells varieties of chocolate products from bars to tablets, to bites, and even gourmet cuisine flavorings.

4. Travelers tips

Chocolate Train Swiss Montreux Gruyère (20497588141)

Wheelchair accessibility
Unfortunately, the Swiss Chocolate Train is not for our friends with disabilities as it is not wheelchair-accessible.

Swiss travel pass requirement
Only tourists with a Swiss travel pass are allowed to book tickets for this iconic excursion trip.

5. How to get there


Swiss Chocolate Train runs on the tracks of Montreux-Oberland-Bernois Railway, from Montreaux, Switzerland. It is located on the southwest side of the city.

Hop on a bus
Montreaux is well-trafficked by buses that snake through different points in the city. If you want a cheaper mode of transport that will get you to Montreux-Oberland-Bernois Railway in no time, hop on a Line-204 bus. Its station is located in Montreaux Casino.

Hail a cab
Taxis are available in Montreux, just like any other urbanized cities. If you want a convenient and comfortable transfer from your point to the train station, you might want to go old school and hail a cab. Provided that you are willing to pay a pricier metered fare.

Book an Uber
Just like taxi, Uber is available in Montreux. Just download the app and pin your location and destination. In a few minutes, a driver will fetch you to drive you to Montreux-Oberland-Bernois Railway.

6. How to book tickets

swiss chocolate train | how to book tickets

The best way to book your tickets and seat reservation to the Swiss Chocolate train is through their official ticketing link. Note that, interested guests are expected to book tickets with excursion trip plans not later than 90 days from the time of booking.

Swiss Chocolate Train information

Address: 1820 Montreux, Switzerland


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