8 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in the Netherlands

The Netherlands

The Netherlands – the land of tulips, is known for the best cycling infrastructure in the world. Visit the tulip country, don’t forget to save the moment in attractive places.

There are many places to take photos in the Netherlands that you can live there all your life and still find something to explore. Most people spend 3-5 days here up to a week, so you’ll have to narrow down the Netherlands photography spots so you can cram as much as possible.

1. Canals of Amsterdam

Cruising The Amsterdam Canals Is About To Become Much More Sustainable |  Tatler Hong Kong

Amsterdam is the capital city of the Netherlands, is the oldest political-cultural center in the Netherlands. Through the process of formation and development, Amsterdam is growing bustling.

Here you can hire a boat to walk around the whole neighborhood, watching the two-row of houses along the canal. You will feel the most peaceful space, bring to the most comfortable feeling.

2. City of Utrecht

Chia sẻ du lịch Utrecht, Hà Lan

The city of Utrecht is the oldest city in the Netherlands. The hidden beauty of medieval architecture, blending with gothic architecture, it has created a distinctive characteristic for this neighborhood.

The streets, famous medieval landmarks in and around Utrecht will be destinations that tourists to the Netherlands cannot ignore.

3. City of Leiden

File:Leiden, Netherlands - panoramio (25).jpg - Wikimedia Commons

The beautiful city of Leiden is a beautiful tourist destination famous for the oldest university in the Netherlands. The architecture with the ancient beauty of the city has a long history.

There are a lot of students here so the living space is also very rejuvenated, you can also find yourself interesting corners in this peaceful city.

4. Frisian-The West Frisian Islands or Waddeneilanden in Dutch Islands

This is one of the beautiful islands consisting of 32 small islands stretching on the Dutch coast. This hottest tourist destination in the Netherlands is a great place for those who love the majestic natural scenery, the most beautiful sunrise and sunset viewing spot in the Netherlands.

You can also stroll along the beach to enjoy the fresh air here.

5. National Park Hoge Veluwe

Hoge Veluwe Nationaal Park: Alle bezienswaardigheden en tips -  Droomplekken.nl

Hoge Veluwe Park is the largest nature conservation area of Gelderland, on a large area of over 50-kilometer squares. The landscape of the national park Hoge Veluwe covers many areas such as plateaus, sand dunes, which are the habitats of many rare and precious animals such as deer, cattle and wild pigs.

Coming to this famous tourist destination in the Netherlands, you have the opportunity to experience and observe very close to the natural world.

6. Keukenhof flower garden

Vì sao Keukenhof được chọn làm địa điểm tổ chức Lễ hội hoa tulip Hà Lan  2019?

Keukenhof flower garden is arranged by travel lovers as one of the famous tourist destinations when Dutch tourism cannot be missed. The flower garden in Lisse town is located about 40 minutes by bus from the Dutch capital. Here, you can admire interesting colorful flower fields, with an area of over 32 hectares, nearly 7 million temperate flowers with scent and color everywhere.

Especially in the most beautiful and attractive tourist destination in the Netherlands is the Keukenhof flower garden which is open every March-May attracting over 700,000 tourists all over the world.

7. Kinderdijk Village – a dreamlike paradise in the Netherlands

Say đắm trước vẻ đẹp thanh bình của làng cối xay gió Kinderdijk

Kinderdijk Village is listed as a unique tourist destination in the Netherlands because it is a paradise land in suburban Rotterdam – the Netherlands. In the late twentieth century, this beautiful village was recognized as a world cultural heritage by UNESCO. Windmills are the symbolic image of the country of Holland.

The village has serene walking roads around to help you enjoy peaceful views and the fresh space as in fairy tales.

8. Giethoorn – the noise-free village

Ngôi làng không đường đi đẹp như cổ tích ở Hà Lan - VnExpress Du lịch

Giethoorn is a very peaceful and picturesque village. Dubbed the “Venice of the Netherlands”, this fairy village was built around 1230. It is 148 km from Amsterdam, about 1 hour 45 minutes by car.

The first inhabitants of the village found peat mines. They dig for coal mining holes for many years. Coal holes have become lakes … The main means of transportation here are boats that do not make noise. New islands were built and connected by 176 bridges around the village. It is the special things that have created the village that gave visitors romantic experiences like a fairy tale.

Hopefully, with useful information on the fascinating tourist destinations in the Netherlands, you will save and plan a journey to explore today!

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