8 Things To Do In Markham, Canada


A visit to Markham in southern Ontario can make for an overwhelming experience. As Canada’s 16th largest city, the panoramic view from Highway 7 is wonderful. The municipality and local residents have maintained the city amazingly and always try to keep the city green, as much as possible. Here, we have provided a list of the best things to do in Markham, where you’ll be guaranteed to find fun and entertainment.

1. Don’t miss ice-skating at Toogood Pond Park

Located in Markham, Toogood Pond Park is a 33-hectare (81.5-acre) park that is not only highly popular for its pond and marsh, but a well-known destination for ice skating on the frozen pond, during the winter. A walkway circling the pond makes for an invigorating stroll and the natural beauty of this area will be sure to make you feel detached from your hectic life.

The pond is home to a diverse amount of life, such as Canada geese, fish, ducks, and other wildlife. A perfect place for a picnic, there are also park benches where you can spend some extra time.

2. Watch the migratory birds at Milne Dam Conservation Park

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Milne Dam Conservation Park is Markham’s largest park, spreading across an area of 123 hectares (303.9 acres). Located on the Milne Reservoir, this conservation park is bound by thick forest on the eastern and southern edges and the Rouge River flowing through it, giving it a beautiful landscape view. Here, you’ll get to see a diverse species of birds (even migratory birds as it is a stop off point for them). Early morning and evening are the best time to watch the migratory birds here.

The 2.3 kilometer (1.4 mile) long trail at the Milne Dam Conservation Park gives a good opportunity to relax your mind with a walk in nature. Jogging and cycling are also possible here and the park also offers a modern picnic shelter that can accommodate 100 people. Altogether, there are 12 picnic areas spread throughout the park but a permit is required for picnics, issued by the park’s permit coordinator. Fishing in the Rouge River is another popular pastime here as well and, in simple words, the Milne Dam Conservation Park is one of the best-kept treasures of Markham.

3. Markham Museum connects you to Markham’s history

Previously known as the Markham District Historical Museum, today’s Markham Museum is dedicated to connecting the city’s history to the modern world by preserving its old buildings and artefacts. The museum is spread over an area of 25 acres (10.1 hectares) and the site offers nearly 30 buildings – including a train station, a church, a cider mill, houses, a sawmill, a school, a blacksmith, barns, a harness shop, sheds, a general store and lot more. It was established in 1971.

4. Purchase a diverse array of foods at the Reesor Farm Market

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Reesor Farm Market is a highly popular place in Markham. For those who are fond of buying sweet corn, fresh fruits and vegetables, cookies, and fresh baked goods, this is an ideal place. You can also get a wide collection of take-home frozen entrees (including gluten-free) and frozen meats.

The farm market opens in June, soon after the strawberries are ready, and ends at the end of October, with the pumpkin season. Even foods like beef, chicken pies, soups, and lasagna are available here. This is one of the best destinations in Markham to satiate your gastrointestinal urges.

5. Pacific Mall – A perfect destination for shopping

This famous mall in Markham is located at the major intersection of Kennedy Road and Steeles Avenue. It is widely known as a traditional Pacific-style market and this Asian shopping center is famous for its diverse array of tenants, with over 500 stores. The mall has a total of 270,000 square feet (25,083.8 meters) of retail space. Visiting during holidays is an added bonus. The mall opened in 1997.

6. Joyride 150 Indoor Bike Park – A perfect place for bike riders

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Created 9 years ago by enthusiastic bike riders, Joyride 150 Indoor Bike Park aims to provide riding opportunities for bike lovers, all year round. They help introduce new people to the great lifestyle of riding bikes and work with riders of all skill levels and a diverse category of bike disciplines, like BMX, dirt jump, cross-country, trials, and flat-land. If you are fond of biking, Joyride 150 Indoor Bike Park is a beautiful option for you in Markham.

7. Markham GO Station – Canadian railway style

Even if you don’t visit the city by train, you should visit the Markham GO Station for its unique beauty. It is a real railway station on the GO Transit Stouffville line, located on Markham Main Street North. Its design is actually based on classic Canadian railway style, hence it is worth seeing. Vernacular-Carpenter Gothic architecture is added in the design of the building and it was built in 1871. The Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada designated this unique structure as a heritage railway station, in 1992.

8. Frederick Horsman Varley Art Gallery houses artwork of famous artists

The Frederick Horsman Varley Art Gallery is named after a member of the Canadian Group of Seven artists, named Frederick Horsman Varley. Located on Main Street in Unionville, a suburban of Markham, the gallery sprawls across an area of 149,995 square feet (13,935 square meters). Here, you will see a vast collection of artwork done by local, national, and international artists. Apart from this, the gallery also offers school programs, group tours, studio courses, lectures, workshops, and family activities.

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