8 Best Things To Do In Biel, Switzerland


Situated in the canton of Bern, Biel (also known as Bienne) is the town where branded Swiss watches are made. Settled at the foot of the Jura, Biel has its own charm. What is so good about Biel? Why do travel enthusiasts have to visit this town? Discover the best of Biel by doing the 8 best things to do in Biel, Switzerland!

1. A visit to the Omega Museum is a must

Diamond-studded Omega watch (26272019658)

Having traveled to the capital of the watch industry, it would be a shame if you don’t visit the Omega Museum. Situated opposite the Omega Headquarter, the Omega Museum displays an impressive collection of high-end designer watches. There are approximately 4,000 watches being displayed at the museum. In addition to the watch collection, you can also see plenty of clocks, tools, instruments, engravings and much more. If you are really interested in the museum, there are audio guides available in several languages, including English, Mandarin Chinese, French and German.

2. Have fun with animals at the Biel Zoo

Alpine ibex.1

Traveling should be fun, and you can have one of the most fun times in Biel at the Biel Zoo, where you can get intimate with the animals. Opening all year round, the Biel Zoo presents a lot of native animals, such as the red deer and the Alpine ibex. You can see those cute animals in their natural habitat, which is a nice thing. Moreover, you won’t be charged for entering the zoo. In other words, you don’t have to pay for anything to meet all those lovely animals. Simply enter the woods and follow the paths.

3. Art lovers should go to the Centre PasquArt Bienne

Biel-Bienne Centre PasquART

Do you consider yourself an art lover? If yes, you have to go to the Centre PasquArt Bienne, a place that exhibits innovative contemporary artworks. Open only from Wednesday to Sunday, the museum also offers guided tours and workshops based on request.

4. Relax at the Lake Biel

Lac de Bienne 4

A lake is a perfect spot for relaxation, especially if the lake is as breathtaking as Lake Biel. Once you come to the lake, your mind will try to persuade you to never leave the place. Located on the border that separates the French and the German speaking parts of Switzerland, Lake Biel is one of the most picturesque lakes in the country. If you want to see the whole region surrounding the lake, you can take a boat ride. If you want to try the MobiCat, the largest solar-powered catamaran on the planet, you should visit the lake on Sunday during summer time. Explore the lake, make the most of your time at Lake Biel.

5. Explore the Taubenloch Gorge

Dans le entrailles des Gorges du Taubenloch

Those who are looking for a little adventure in Biel should go to the Taubenloch Gorge and explore the site. You don’t have to worry about the difficulty of hiking the gorge, because it is a quite easy hike, which makes the Taubenloch Gorge one of the most popular and loved hikes in Biel. One thing to remember, don’t just hike, always try to stop once in a while to admire the beautiful natural surroundings.

6. Chill at the Elfenau Park

Bern Elfenaupark DSC06064

Nestled in the middle of the town, Elfenau Park is the prettiest park in Biel. The park itself is considered a small park, but it is a really great place for anyone who wants to chill. There are plenty of benches available for visitors who want to escape from the busy atmosphere of the town. Some animals, such as peacocks, ducks and birds are the residents of the park. You may be able to spot and meet some of them when you are chilling at the park.

7. Marvel at the Fountain of Justice

Eeyore & EJ pause by the Fountain of Justice, Biel / Bienne, Switzerland

The town of Biel has some historic fountains, and the most popular among them all is the Fountain of Justice, which is situated on the Castle Square (Burgplatz). The Fountain of Justice is very famous because it is the symbol of Biel’s jurisdiction. The Fountain of Justice is the oldest fountain in Biel. The fountain used to be a wooden fountain, but in 1535 the material was replaced with stone.

8. Indulge in exquisite meals served at L’Ecluse

Parc Elfenau Biel-Bienne - panoramio (1)

The last best thing to do in Biel is related to how to make your stomach happy. There is no better way to satisfy your stomach than indulging in some exquisite meals. One of the best restaurants where you can taste exquisite dishes is the L’Ecluse Cafe Restaurant. Located within walking distance from the main railway station of Biel, the restaurant offers a delectable selection of creative meals as well as an exquisite selection of drinks served in a friendly atmosphere.

The menu highlights include cordon bleu of pork CH (Gruyere cheese, ham) with French fries and seasonal vegetables for the main course and homemade chocolate cake with whipped cream and fruit decoration for dessert. What’s more, the restaurant also promises guests an incredible view of Elfenau Park. What a complete package!

Traveling to Biel will leave you speechless

The town of Biel is so charming that it will leave you speechless from the moment you arrive in Biel until you leave the town for good. Having traveled to Biel, you will have plenty of stories that you will proudly tell others who have not been there, and memories to last a lifetime.

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