7 Budget-Friendly Ways To Experience Salzburg, Austria.


With majestic mountains, a charming historical feel and an ancient city center, Salzburg is easily one of Austria’s most enchanting cities. Although this city is large and gives the feeling that it is an expensive place to visit, that is not the case. You can do many things in the city without spending a penny. Here are 7 budget-friendly ways to make an excursion around Salzburg, experience the artistic and romantic aspects of this hypnotic city.

Walk around the Garden of Mirabell

Schloss Mirabell & Mirabell Gardens : Palaces in Salzburg

The extensive Mirabell garden is located at the base of the Mirabell Palace. From the famous Do-Re-Mi steps of Sound of Music, you can see Hohensalzburg Fortress. Set in the middle of a water fountain, the gardens boast manicured lawns and fences, displaying colorful flowers and some beautiful statues. This is the perfect place to take a break from the bustle of the city and enjoy a stroll and a bit of tranquility. It’s one of the best attractions photographed in Salzburg is also free to visit!

Admire views

Hohensalzburg Fortress : Fortress & Palaces : salzburg.info

Sitting on the top of the Mönchsberg cliffs, Hohensalzburg fortress is a great place to admire the city’s landscape, even watching the sunset over the city below. If you leave the city, just one kilometer from Mönchsberg’s forest, you will arrive at Winkler Terrace. This place is at a lower altitude than the fortress, but the city view from here is far more comprehensive and intricate. The fort, the river and the castle all benefit from the Alps backdrop and when the clear blue sky, it gives the city the stark boldness and shine. With only 3.60 € you can take the lift up to the terrace, but walking will provide you with an invaluable and quite exciting experience.

Take a trip back in time

Salzburg Old Town

The center of the city, Old Town of Salzburg is a UNESCO World Heritage Site stretching both on the banks of the Salzach river. This place offers much elegant architecture and some beautiful monuments to amazing. The Baroque fountain in Square Residence is gorgeous, while the neighboring green copper spires and the dome of Salzburg Cathedral are something to be surprised from every angle.

The tiny shopping streets winding around the main buildings and along these streets are small boutiques, souvenir shops, and other shops. Even if you don’t want to buy, these stores have a perfect exterior decoration for window shopping.

Visit the birthplace of Mozart

Mozart's Birthplace: Sightseeing Attractions : salzburg.info

There are several museums and concert halls dedicated to Mozart’s life and work, including Mozart’s Geburtshaus (Mozart’s birthplace) and Mozart-Wohnhaus (Mozart’s home). Mozart’s Gebursthaus located on the Old Town’s busiest shopping street, Getreidegasse, can be seen from its bright yellow paint as it is a crowd of fans wearing semi-permanent cameras gathered outside. Mozart-Wohnhaus, which currently houses a museum that depicts his life in detail, appears more popular to visitors.

Peruse the city markets

Schrannenmarkt : Markets in Salzburg : salzburg.info

Austrian city has a lot to offer throughout the year with both the weekly and seasonal markets.

On Thursday, the Shranne market for hobby cooks is held in front of St Andrew’s Church, while on Friday the organic food market brought a range of fresh local produce and became a long-standing organization in the Kajetanerplatz of the Old Town.

From Monday to Saturday, Green Market offers fresh fruits and vegetables, local delicacies, meat, cheese, bread, and pastries. All come with a high risk of temptation.

There are many cultural trinkets that steal your curiosity at the ‘Sunny Summer Sale’ in Kapitelplatz from July to September alongside Salzachgalerien, which has stalled along the river.

Snow-covered Salzburg is a beautiful sight, and exploring cozy Christmas markets is surely spark a bit of romance during November and December. One of the best and most famous places is Christkindlmarkt, a picturesque traditional market in Cathedral Square. Besides, Wintermarkt is a Christmas market that runs until Epiphany. Here you can try mulled wine, discover beautiful crafts and stuff souvenirs into your bag.

Salzburg Festival

What will happen to the Salzburg Festival? | Financial Times

In Salzburg, the streets are lively with the sound of music in the Festival in Salzburg in July and August. Tickets for a variety of musical and drama performances are often very high demand and expensive. However, thanks to a long tradition of music, Salzburg always attracts extremely talented bus drivers and music students, who are willing to provide the soundtrack to your afternoon coffee or take a walk in the ancient town. Find them near the Großes Festspielhaus (Great Festival Hall), under stone arches on either side of the church, on the Residenzplatz square and in the Mirabell Garden.

If you’re in Salzburg during the Festival and want to see free Festival products, Siemens Festspielnächte will bring daily outdoor screenings on Kapitelplatz Square, where visitors and locals can enjoy free.

Explore the cathedral

Schloss Hellbrunn & Trick Fountains : Palaces in Salzburg

Although it is undoubtedly not Salzburg’s most recognized castle, Hellbrunn Castle (Schloss Hellbrun) is probably the most visited place. Located three miles out of the city center, Hellbrunn is a magnificent 17th-century mansion of early baroque style that serves as a residence day for the archbishop to rule about 400 years ago. Another critical location in the city center is Salzburg Cathedral. This beautiful 17th-century Baroque church, with a museum containing sacred treasures inside, is a massive work of art to see.

What else needs to be done in Salzburg that we missed?

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