6 things to know before traveling to Switzerland


Switzerland is not only one of the richest and wealthiest countries in the world, but also one of the most spectacular places where you can experience a true closeness to nature. If you are reading this article, then probably Switzerland is already on your travel list. If so, you know that traveling options and to-do/ to-see list is almost endless, but before going to this amazing country you need to know a few things about Swiss habits, culture and other stuff to get yourself prepared for an unforgettable journey.


Swiss mentality basically is not any different from western European mentality, because they also are all about freedom and tolerance, but there are three things that precisely characterize Swiss – perfectionism, precision and punctuality. Another interesting thing about them is that regardless of their wealth, most Swiss would agree that “small is beautiful”. Isn’t that beautiful? Overall, we can definitely say that Swiss are friendly and welcoming, so no unpleasant surprises there.

Transhumance Event In Charmey


Be prepared for language diversity, because Switzerland has four national languages – German, Italian, French and Romansh. German is predominantly spoken in the north, center and eastern regions, while French is used in the west, but Italian in southern regions.


There is one great thing about Switzerland – its size. It is big enough to encompass large cities, wide forests and Swiss Alps, but small enough to get from place to place in just a few hours. Everything is a short train ride away, making it one of the most accessible countries for tourists. Or even better – rent a car and stop whenever and wherever you want to and enjoy the breathtaking views.

Mountain Railway In Swiss Alps


Swiss food is influenced by German, French and North Italian cuisine, but it still has its own traditional touch. Don’t leave Switzerland without trying cheese fondue, rosti, raclette and tartiflette. If you can’t wait until your trip, make your own Swiss dinner – the recipes are super easy!


Switzerland boasts a thriving arts scene and has a rich heritage of historical and modern architecture. Art is a huge part of Swiss everyday life and the most popular hobbies among Swiss people are painting, sewing, carving etc. If you are an art lover, it’s a perfect place to go, because the variety of arts and culture programs is huge.

Old Fresco On Medieval Building In Lucern, Switzerland


Probably one of the main reasons to visit Switzerland is its beautiful nature. From wild forests, blooming meadows and crystal clear lakes to the Swiss Alps – it is truly inspirational! You must see at least one of the 7 natural wonders of Switzerland: a horseshoe-shaped lake of Oeschinensee at an elevation of 1,578 meters; the Rhine Falls; the world-famous Aletsch glacier; Matterhorn, the tallest mountain in the Alps; the Lauterbrunnen Valley; the notorious mountain Eiger; Lake Lucerne.

As you see, Swiss people are not all about chocolate snacking, cheese-eating and yodeling. Yes, they may be ruled by perfectionism and timed by the famous precision watches, but they also are people who know how to live with taste. We promise – you’ll love it! Have a great trip!


1 thought on “6 things to know before traveling to Switzerland

  1. There are a few mistake.
    The Matterhorn is NOT the highest mountain in the Alps. It is probably the most iconic mountain, but the tallest is Mont Blanc between French and Italy and the tallest in Switzerland is the Dufourspitze.
    As a Swiss I do not know and never had Tartiflette, probably it is more popular in the French region.
    There are so many beautiful places in Switzerland; the Rhine Fall is nice but not a wow place. Go instead in some beautiful mountain villages especially in the Tessin, Berner Oberland or Wallis and/or in one of the many old little medieval towns like Murten, Bremgarten, Thun etc.

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