6 Inspiring Home Decor Ideas From the Netherlands

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Every household in the Netherlands is different, but there are some common themes associated with Dutch home décor. These principles generally centre around conditions and concepts specific to the Netherlands, such as limited space or the Dutch people’s diverse attitudes towards cosiness, tranquillity and homeliness.

Turn Your Balcony into Useable Space

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It is very common for apartments in larger Dutch cities to feature balconies, and many people turn these small, outdoor spaces into cosy living areas. Although some tenants or homeowners prefer to keep their balconies to themselves and create nooks for relaxing alone, others entertain guests on their terraces and add extra chairs, tables or even hammocks to the mix.

Buy Modern Design Products


There are dozens of incredible design studios in the Netherlands, and many famous Dutch brands create their own homeware lines. Droog, for example, easily ranks among the most iconic design studios in the world. They sell scores of sober yet playful products from their headquarters in Amsterdam.

Be Smart With Space

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Dutch townhouses are notoriously narrow, and people living in larger cities tend to reside in pretty small lodgings compared to other major settlements in Europe. This makes saving space a necessity for urbanites in the Netherlands as clutter can easily disrupt an otherwise well-composed room. Obviously, there are thousands of ways to maximise space, including adding more shelving; purchasing easily movable furniture; or replacing larger items, such as cupboards, with simple clothes racks.

Learn to Build Stuff

For one reason or another, Dutch apartments are often oddly shaped and regularly feature sloped ceilings or walls at unusual angles. As such, store-bought furniture often doesn’t fit, and it’s sometimes necessary to modify household items or create custom-built cupboards, beds or bookshelves. Although this might take time, skill and resources, learning to build your own stuff is incredibly rewarding.

Make Room for Flowers

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Due to the country’s enduringly prosperous horticultural industry, flowers are everywhere in the Netherlands. It is therefore quite common to see floral arrangements in Dutch homes, and many people buy fresh flowers every day. Others even invest in handmade vases designed for tulips that feature individual spouts for each flower.

Know What Makes You Cosy or Comfortable

The word gezelligheid is often cited as one of the most important terms in the Dutch language. It represents a personal feeling of togetherness, enjoyment and comfort. Everyone has their own take on this concept, and homes always reflect their occupant’s understanding of gezelligheid. To replicate this type of atmosphere, just remember to adapt your home around your personal understanding of cosiness, relaxation or comfort.

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