5 strange legend in Hawaii makes tourists feel incredible


Offering gin to Queen Pele, not looking at the night march, not plucking red Lehua flowers … are strange and interesting legends that you will hear when visiting the island of Hawaii.

Offering gin to Queen Pele

If you want to protect yourself and your family from the lava flow, remember the volcanic goddess Pele. According to legend, if you see a beautiful woman with long flowing white hair, you must greet and beg for help or amnesty.
To show more sincerity, you can go to the volcano Halema’uma’u and bring food, flowers and gin because Queen Pele loves these things.

Do not look at the crew at night

Be careful if you plan to walk or go for a night walk. At that time, ghosts of ancient Hawaiian warriors parade and roam the island to revisit the old battlefield. If you hear chanting, drums, parade or see a flashlight, it’s best to stay home or lie still. If you look them in the eye, you’ll die or have to follow them.

But if it’s an ancestral march then that’s okay.

Do not pluck the red Lehua flowers

Ohia is the first plant to grow among the lava rocks, but you must not break the red flowers because both the tree and the flower are rooted in ancient Hawaii legends.

Ohia and Lehua are a couple of talented boys and girls on the island. But one day, Pele meets Ohia and wants to keep for herself but is rejected by him. So Pele turned Ohia into an ugly tree and ignored her begging. However, the other gods pity Lehua and they turn Lehua into a beautiful red flower on the Ohia tree so that the lovebirds can be together forever.

Legend has it that, if the flower is still on the branch, it will be sunny. But when the flowers leave the tree, it will rain like Lehua’s tears when leaving Ohia.

Tribute to the Menhune worker

Menehune is like the dwarfs that live in secret forests and valleys in Hawaii. They lived in Hawaii before the Po-liars and were talented craftsmen with astonishing works of art such as the Menehune fish pond in Kauai. Menehune in Kauai was also built before the West and is considered a masterpiece of engineering because the rocks are square in just one night.
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