5 Epic Must Do Canadian Road Trips


One of my favorite adventures to have is a great long (or short) road trip! I love having the wind blow through my hair and singing (loudly) to my favorite songs while experiencing the freedom of the open road! I have been on some great Canadian road trips in my life and each one has been a unique experience filled with laughter, love and fun.

Not only are road trips super fun but they are also great ways to explore the area around you and go on an adventure (with or) without spending billions of dollars. If you want to explore the beautiful country of Canada, pack up the car and bring your favorite mixtape and get ready to enjoy all of these perfect Canadian Road Trips. Ps. I added the perfect song by a Canadian artist to add to your playlist on each of these road trips.

1. East Coast Dream aka New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island

I feel like when people think of Canada they only think about our stunning west coast and the rocky mountains, and forget about the beautiful east coast. One of the most perfect road trips is driving around Canada’s Maritimes provinces – New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. This scenic route has some gorgeous coastlines, sandy beaches, funky coves and amazing wildlife. Exploring these provinces by car is one of the best ways to fully appreciate all of their amazing natural beauty. Pro tip: The Maritimes have a low key Ireland/Scotland vibe, embrace the culture and enjoy learning more about it.

Total Drive Time: 25 hours

Shorter Option With The Same Vibes: Halifax to Cape Breton + Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia – 5 hours

2. Trans Canada Highway – Hwy 1

Canada is the second-largest country in the world – it is huge. HUGE. If you want to see as much of Canada as possible, enjoy a road trip that goes from coast to coast. Pack up your car and drive along the Trans Canada Highway aka Highway 1. This amazing journey starts (or ends) in St. John’s Newfoundland, goes through all 10 provinces and ends (starts) in Tofino, BC. This epic Canadian road trip is definitely the ultimate Canada road trip and will allow you to see most of the magic and wonder of Canada. Pro tip: I would only drive this whole route in the summer. Winter brings a lot of snow and ice to some of the provinces and might not be the safest time to travel across the country especially if you aren’t used to driving in snow.

Total Drive Time: +100 hours

Shorter Option With The Same Vibes: Do sections of the Trans Canada Highway at different times.

3. Toronto to Kenora

I may be biased, but I think that Ontario is one of the most beautiful provinces in Canada, and I think it gets overlooked. If you want a fun, adventurous road trip that is filled with thick forest, gorgeous rock formations, beautiful lakes and moose, then the road trip from Toronto to Kenora is for you. Start in Toronto, explore the city for a bit (it’s great), and then head up Highway 400 for one of my favorite drives in the world.

Total Drive Time: 20 hours

Shorter Option With The Same Vibes: Try Toronto to Hunstville – 3 hours

4. Banff to Tofino

One of the most beautiful road trips that I have ever done was driving from Banff to Tofino. It is breathtaking. If you love the mountains and the ocean, this Canadian road trip is for you. On this stunning drive, you will go through the Rocky Mountains, see perfect emerald blue lakes, visit Vancouver, take the ferry across the water to Vancouver Island, drive through more mountains, drive through the rainforest, and end up on Canada’s best surf beaches. Pro-tip for this adventure: lookout for bald eagles, bears and other amazing wildlife on this perfect Canadian road trip.

Total Drive Time: 15 hours

Shorter Option With The Same Vibes: Try the sea to sky highway (Vancouver to Whistler – 1.5 hours)

5. Dempster Highway

If you want to experience the true Canadian North, then the Dempster Highway is for you. This Canadian road trip goes from Dawson, Yukon to Inuvik, Northwest Territories, and actually crosses into the Arctic Circle. This drive is probably one of the most unique road trips anyone can go on. If you are ready to see amazing landscapes hop in your car and enjoy the Dempster Highway. Pro tip: You can only drive this route in mid-July – August because of the snow and ice.

Total Drive Time: 14 hours

Shorter Option With The Same Vibes: Whitehorse, Yukon to Skagway, Alaska

Which of these epic Canadian road trips are you going to go on next? Let me know!

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