5 Beautiful Portuguese Names and What They Mean


An interesting fact about Portuguese names is that they are restricted to tradition, and parents are limited in how creative they can be when naming their children. Still, Portuguese is a beautiful language and many of the names sound stunning when rolling off the tongue. Here are Culture Trip’s picks for a few of the most beautiful names in Portugal, in addition to their meanings and pronunciations.


Female | means: “grace” | pronounced: gra-sa

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Female | means: “daisy flower” | pronounced: maarg-riydah


Male/female | means: the Portuguese male and female versions of Hyacinthus, from the hyacinth flower and the ancient Greek legend | pronounced: ha-seen-toe or ha-seen-tah

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Female | means: “noble” (adal); and “type” or “nature” (heid). Stems from Adalheidis, a French derivative of a Germanic name | pronounced: ae-duh-laid


Male | means: “powerful” | pronounced: roo-ee

Michaela Pointon | © Culture Trip

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