4 awesome reasons to vacation in Hawaii


The Hawaiian Islands are synonymous with the term, Paradise. Whether it is the sand between the toes or tiny umbrellas sticking out of beverages, Hawaii is the ultimate destination when it comes to vacationing.

While the typical hotel room with daily housekeeping is great, Turtle Bay Rentals is a perfect alternative option for those looking to stay on the beautiful beachside Turtle Bay Resort in a fresh, more local kind of way. Turtle Bay Rentals offers all the necessary commodities with an extra layer of freedom to cook meals, do laundry, and just cut loose with the golf courses as the backdrop. That much said, one definitely should remember that Hawaii is simply an awesome place to be no matter the type of accommodation. Here are four things that make these islands such a special, awesome place:



Hawaii is the most isolated island group in all of the Pacific. The original settlers traveled thousands of miles throughout Polynesia to eventually make these islands home. The culture of Hawaii is rich with tradition and lore, sustainable living, and aloha. Aloha, used as a greeting and way to say goodbye, specifically means love or affection. But Aloha is more than just a term with a definition. It is a way of life. It is giving. It is respect. Respect for the land, sea and its people. So as one vacation in Hawaii, one cannot help but feel that Aloha radiating from all pours.


The Hawaiian Islands were formed as a result of thousands, if not millions, of years of volcanic activity. For that reason, the land has unique, unparalleled geography littered with mountains (it even snows on Mauna Kea on Hawaii island), waterfalls, jagged coastlines as well as bountiful vegetation. While staying on Oahu, one indeed must take advantage of the hikes, bike and car rides along the coastline to various vistas.



Since the Hawaiian Islands are located in a tropical region in proximity to Pacific storm paths, the ocean is both majestic as well as active. Thus making these islands the perfect place to swim, snorkel, surf, or simply cool down after a day of running around. Not to mention, the sunrises along the East Side as well as sunsets along the North Shore are among the best in the world. With Turtle Bay Rentals in such close proximity to both of these coastlines, one is able to capture both within a short drive in either direction.


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With Hawaiian culture being based on subsistence (living off the land), its no doubt that food is a must. Whether one is a vegetarian or meat-eater, he or she is in luck when it comes to the fresh fruits, vegetables, and starches grown as well as a prepared food in Hawaii. Depending on the particular season, Hawaii farms its own pineapples, papaya, avocados, coconuts, taro, sweet potatoes, and many others. As for prepared traditional foods, kalua pig (similar to pulled pork), lau lau (meat wrapped in a taro leaf), and poi (mashed taro root) will please any vacationer’s taste buds. So be prepared for a treat, literally.

With these four reasons laid out, it is no wonder why Hawaii is synonymous with paradise. So book that ticket, book that condo at Turtle Bay Rentals, and dive right into the Hawaii experience this year.

By: Evan Fa

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