15 Best Road Trips From Montreal, Canada


Do you have some spare time and want to explore or do you want to spend quality time on the road with your awesome friends and create memories you will never forget? Whatever it is, hop on your car and start driving to Montreal – the largest city in Quebec, Canada, where the food scene is glorious, street festivals are alive, natural landscape is stunning, and its neighborhood diverse! Whatever type of traveler you and your friends are, this vibrant city will surely have something to surprise you — from short scenic trips to long weekend trips. If you are ready for a ride, here are the best road trips from Montreal, Canada, that you should surely try!

1. Rocher Percé, Quebec

2011 - FEB 9 - 11 - QUEBEC -033 PERCE (5451588835)

Rocher Percé rock formation is nestled in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. Its name is derived from its arch that is pierced through the surrounding rock. Thus, the Rocher Percé is considered as one of the largest arches in the world that is situated in a water formation. This natural boulder is popular with tourists due to its picturesque views from the village of Percé and Bonaventure Island that somewhat depicts a sailing ship. Catch saturated colors of orange, red, and pink during the sunset or a white Christmas during the winter. While you are at it, stop by the charming village of Percé where lovely local restaurants, boutiques, and studios can be found. From Montreal, it takes about 10 hours by road to reach this magnificent gem.

2. Matapedia Valley, Quebec


Visit where the naval battle between France and England happened, go snorkeling with salmons, chase the Chutes à Picot waterfall, and hike through Parc régional de la Seigneurie du Lac Matapédia. Whatever outdoor activity you have in mind, the historic Matapedia Valley will give you just that! With its abundance in natural landscapes, it is no doubt that this valley is listed as one of the natural regions in the Gaspé Peninsula. Exhaust yourself with stunning views of mountains, high trees, and calm lakes and watch the sunset glistening over the lush green. Ready your most comfortable shoes, because in this road trip around Montreal, you will do a lot of exploring by foot!

3. Cabot Trail, Milton, Ontario

Autumn on the Cabot Trail

Road trips with a view and a destination with an even more magnificent vista is what Cabot Trail is all about. Ready your playlist and some snacks because traversing the road is as fun as reaching the destination. Look out your window to see ocean-vistas, some greenery, glaciers, and the famous Cape Breton Highlands. After the drive, experience the local culture, food, festivities, and the endless outdoor activities you can do at Cabot Trail. A drive to this place is the epitome of a road trip especially for outdoors kind of people. So savor every scene you see because this is a one-of-a-kind road trip that you will surely love!

4. Niagara Falls, Canadian side, Ontario

Niagara Falls, Canada side

Niagara Falls is composed of three waterfalls situated across the southern edge of Niagara Gorge and between Ontario and New York City. With its massive size comes its grandeur and amazing sights to see. The largest of the three is located in its Canadian side known as the Horseshoe Falls. Aside from viewing the great Horseshoe Falls for free, there are other activities that you can do at Niagara Parks where attractions come with a fee and have their own operating hours. Make sure not to miss out on visiting this world-known falls when you go to Montreal, Canada. The Niagara Falls is a reminder of how wonderful our nature is and how we have the responsibility to protect it. It’s one of the best destinations for romantic getaways and thrilling adventures that you can go to.

5. Greater Sudbury, Ontario

Sudbury downtown

Greater Sudbury in Ontario, Canada, is an ideal place to spend a full day at if you ever want to just go out and explore new places. It is convenient to reach and has a lot to offer to its visitors whatever your budget is. Learn a thing or two at the Science North planetarium or catch a movie in a different dimension at IMAX. Visit the Art Gallery of Sudbury to check out some pieces of art or go for a swim for free at their public swimming facilities. Also, read some of their public policies especially on garbage before visiting.

6. Providence, Rhode Island

Providence Rhode Island skyline 2017

Canada may be known for having eternal winter weather, but there are special spots where the sun is out and the sands are warm like Providence, Rhode Island! Aside from the seaside festivities that you can enjoy, this state offers a lot more to passing tourists like its historic district exhibiting culture, architecture from different times, and the ivy-league Brown University. If you want to get a quick tan, eat good food, and explore history in a modern city, visit Providence, Rhode Island, during your trip to Montreal. It’s one road trip idea from Montreal that most travel junkies should try out.

7. Toronto, Ontario

Downtown Toronto

As the capital of Ontario, Toronto is one of the major cities in Canada with its diverse and big population. It has the convenience and beauty of a modern city with its gigantic skyscrapers, and bliss brought by its nature. See the saturated colors of fall at High Park and Trinity Bellwoods Park or get a panoramic view of the city from the top of CN Tower. Visit museums and art galleries for ancient and modern pieces of art and stroll along the stunning architecture scattered in the city.

8. Saguenay Fjords National Park, Quebec

Les collines escarpées du parc du Saguenay

If you are game for some extreme outdoor activities while enjoying a stunning view, this short road trip from Montreal to Saguenay Fjords National Park is perfect for you and the gang! Hop on a kayak, hike challenging trails, ski the white snow, or camp out under the stars, whether you visit during the hot summer days or the chilly winters, this park will always have something to leave you in awe. Make sure to plan your trip well so you that you are able to view the migratory birds as they cover the sky.

9. Tadoussac, Quebec

Tadoussac, Quebec

Although small in size, Tadoussac is a very popular destination for many because of the numerous and exciting things one can do and see here. First in the list would be whale-watching at St. Lawrence which is a feeding ground for friendly creatures of the ocean. After this, stroll the oldest villages of Tadoussac which was founded in the 1600s. You can also find some good restaurants and places to relax by the village like the La Galouïne Inn and Restaurant or the Auberge La Sainte-Paix. With every step you take in this small yet quaint village, there is always something to be discovered.

10. London, Ontario

London Ontario Skyline 2017 (cropped)

What better way to learn and have fun than go museum-hopping! London, Ontario, houses ample museums with different kinds of exhibits and from different periods of time. First stop, the famous London Museum where art and history are on display. While the Museum of Ontario Archaeology, Royal Canadian Regiment Museum, and the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame give you a comprehensive session on artifacts, installations, and contributions to the medical field. For something unique, take a tour of Canada’s largest brewery and enjoy sampling Canada’s finest drinks!

11. Montebello, Quebec

Early fall Montebello QC

Montebello, located in Western Quebec, is the perfect place to explore nature and history. Go on a Kenauk Nature safari and see the rare and beautiful blonde bears. Visit Manoir Papineau National Historic Site and look into the rich history of Quebec. This historic site also overlooks the Ottawa River, which makes it all the more interesting. If you are planning to stay here overnight, check out Fairmont Le Château Montebello for luxurious accommodation. Love chocolates? Head over to ChocoMotive for artisanal sweets. Purchase some of their unique chocolates and discover why ChocoMotive is one of the most popular sweets shops in Montebello.

12. Lake Champlain, Canadian side, Quebec

Lake Champlain Boats

Lake Champlain is situated across the US-Canada border. Though mostly in North America, it still passes through Quebec, Canada. It is famous for its significant role in the Revolutionary War. Go for a trip to the lake to experience tranquility like no other. Enjoy a quiet afternoon marveling at the clear waters. There are cycling routes for those who want to explore the site. Engaging water activities such as kayaking and pedal boating are also available. Visit stunning beaches along Lake Champlain and go to the public market nearby for a truly memorable and eventful trip.

13. Burlington, Ontario

Downtown Burlington, Ontario

Drive to Burlington to enjoy great dining and nature trips. Around late August to early September, Burlington holds a famous community event called Canada’s Largest Ribfest. Visit museums such as Joseph Brant Museum or, if you are into more artistic exhibits, then definitely check out Art Gallery of Burlington to view the largest contemporary Canadian ceramic collection. Go for a hike or rock climbing if you are up for adventurous and thrilling activities. You definitely won’t run out of things to do in Burlington, so explore as much of it as you can during your trip.

14. Mont-Tremblant National Park, Quebec

Mont-Tremblant Park - Québec

Mont-Tremblant National Park is located in Quebec and houses plenty of animal species. If you want to enjoy a peaceful afternoon fishing, you can definitely do it here. Since so many animals inhabit this area, wildlife watching is a popular activity. You can even partake in a guided tour around the park to discover all its gorgeous sights. If you are visiting in the winter, the park features a great ski trail perfect for those who enjoy outdoor activities. Your trip here will definitely be unforgettable!

15. Ottawa, Ontario


Being Canada’s capital, Ottawa is a great place to explore. Parliament Hill is in the city center and it is certainly one of the many attractions you should visit. Discover Canada’s abundant history and see why tourists love the country so much. Check out Canadian War Museum to learn all about the country’s military. Travel back in time by visiting Canadian Museum of Nature and view their vast species collection that consists of animals, plants, and fossils. Tourists also visit Ottawa for a great culinary experience since it’s home to diverse cultures. Try the delicious poutine, a classic dish with french fries, gravy, and cheese curds that people around the world rave about.

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