12 Reasons Why Elephants Are Amazing Animals


1. They are pretty big.

Elephants are the largest mammals on land. Asian elephants average from 8.9 ft and African elephants average from 11 ft according to National Geographic.

2. They like to hug.

I mean who wouldn’t want from that cute little fellow.

3. They recognize themselves when in front of mirrors.

According to a graduate student from the University of Georgia, there seems to be a correlation between being able to recognize yourself in mirrors and high forms of social complexity. Only humans, great apes, dolphins and elephants are the only animals that possess this trait.

4. They feel sad about the death of their own.

Elephants really do grieve like us: They shed tears and even try to 'bury'  their dead - a leading wildlife film-maker reveals how the animals are like  us | Daily Mail Online

Elephants live in intense social groups where if something happens to another they get really upset. They are known for investigating the deaths of their loved ones and performing funeral rituals.

5. They use their feet not only for walking but for listening.

Elephants use the vibrations from stomping to communicate without other elephants. They normally do this when they sense danger or a predator is near according to National Geographic.

6. They care about the environment.

What else someone say but amazing.

7. They have long memories.

Elephants have great memory of remembering faces and events that occurred in the wild. In one instance two elephants rejoiced at seeing each other again after one was brought to the zoo.

8. Yes they can swim.

Just like you and I elephants also enjoying swimming. The interesting thing about elephants swimming is that they use their trunk as a snorkel.

9. They are pretty much feminists.

The head of an elephant herd is the oldest female elephant of the herd aka matriarchal societies.

10. They have no natural predators.

Elephants don’t have predators but they do have beware because lions like to prey on younger and weaker elephants.

11. They like to show affection towards each other.

They are researchers who say that elephants like use their trunk to show affection and comfort to other elephants.

12. They are sadly on the endangered species list.

They are on the endangered species list thanks to is humans. Humans have been hunting them down for ivory. There is an estimate of at about 600,000 elephants left and just recently the African elephant population has gone down 30 percent.

Please spread this awareness of elephants so we can keep enjoying them for many generations more. Here is some information on how you can save these majestic creatures.


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