11 Reasons Why Australia Is a Whole Different World – Place Where Squirrels Are Exotic Animals


Do you want to hear a bird mimicking a sound of a camera shutter? Or maybe travel to a place where there are bugs instead of Christmas lights?


Source: Australian Business Traveller

When you travel to another country you need your gadgets to be fully charged but people in Australia have very peculiar sockets, they have 230 volts and switchers for safety. So be ready to buy an adaptor.


Source: SBS

This is an Australian national food. It is made of yeast with vegetables and spices. Vegemite is extremely salty so do not try a lot of it at once. Australians love eating it, though.

A UV index

Source: Reddit

Sun protection is very important for every Australian so there are special UV index boards on the streets that tell citizens how h.a.r.m.f.u.l the sun in today.

Health ratings on food

Source: healthstarrating

Australia probably has the most honest manufacturers in the world. There are special stats on the food packaging that tells customers how healthy this food is.

Selfie motherland

Source: Bored Panda

Nowadays everybody knows what selfie is but not a lot of people know that this word was invented by a d.r.u.n.k Australian who used it in a forum in 2002.

City 1770

Source: summerat1770

There is a city in Australia and the number 1770 is its name. Both flora and fauna of this region were preserved but people still can stay there in comfortable hotels, go for a shopping and for a picnic with a free barbecue.

Mimicking birds

An Australian bird that mimics the sound of a chainsaw - BBC Travel

Have you ever heard a bird mimicking a sound of a chainsaw or a camera shutter? Or maybe a barking dog or a c.r.y.i.n.g b.a.b.y? Well, for this you’ll have to go to Australia and meet unique lyrebirds with the ability to imitate sounds.


Source: Curtin News

It is hard to believe but squirrels are considered to be exotic animals in Australia. Yes, they have capybaras, kangaroos, and emus but not these little cuties.

No subway

Source: John Holland

There is a metro, but only on the surface. However, 9 out of 10 Australians preferer to ride a bike or just go to places by foot.

Ugly fruits and veggies

Source: Truly Deeply

Ugly fruit and vegetables are sold at a lower price. This way, the farmers show that even though they look unattractive they still taste just as good and also this way they can stop the destruction of bad-looking foods.

Bugs for Christmas

CHRISTMAS BEETLE and Other Friends - YouTube

Australian summer starts in December and winter starts in June. That’s why instead of Christmas lights, there are thousands of insects that glow just as amazing. And the best part about them – they are absolutely harmless.

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