11 Incredible Reasons To Visit Hawaii


Hawaii is one of those places where, to be honest, you’re probably not really struggling for reasons to want to visit. It just feels so familiar (you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who hasn’t heard of it) yet so mysterious (think Jurassic Park) and intriguing, all at the same time.

The thing is though, for Americans, with an easy connection to Hawaii’s islands, a trip here is pretty easy to organize but for us Europeans, it’s a bit more of a trek. In fact, one of the best ways to visit Hawaii would be to pair it with a trip to Canada or an American city (preferably somewhere on the West Coast – think Vancouver or San Francisco). You simply spend a few days in whatever city you want and then tag on some more days to go explore the beauty of Hawaii. 😃

The extra trek it might require to visit Hawaii might give you a reason to pause and consider why you really want to or indeed, should, visit Hawaii! Here are 11 amazing reasons why you absolutely need to plan a trip to Hawaii!

1. It’s The Closest You Can Get To An Erupting Volcano

11 Really Impressive Reasons Why You Need To Visit Hawaii (34)

In fact, if you plan your visit right, you can walk right up to the lava! The reason why this is so is due to the type of lava found here. Some lava splutters, splash, or shoot right out of the volcanos, due to its composition, the lava here flows like a viscous liquid (think, treacle or caramel) and as a result, flows constantly yet relatively slowly.

The best place to head to for this is the Big Island of Hawaii (unsurprisingly, it’s the largest island in Hawaii and is sometimes just referred to as Big Island) where you can walk up to the lava fields (you should really do this with a guide), take a boat trip at dusk to see it fall into the ocean or head over to the Jaggar Museum where you can see Kīlauea – one of the most active volcanos in the world. It’s also due to Kīlauea and Mauna Loa volcanoes that the Big Island of Hawaii is still growing.

Anyway, the mere sight of any of these is guaranteed to blow your socks off – it’s just so incredibly impressive!

2. Oh, Those Beautiful Beaches

10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Hawaii - YouTube

This one goes without saying but seeing as Hawaii is a volcanic island, the sheer diversity of beach types here is absolutely amazing – we’re talking black beaches (some lined with resting turtles), white fine sandy beaches, and some that are just the perfect mix of dramatic jagged volcanic landscapes, blue waters, and fine sands.

Whatever kind of beach you’re into, there’s at least one here for you in Hawaii.

3. You Can Watch The Sun Set Above The Clouds

Photo of the Moment: Standing Above the Clouds, Maui — Vagabondish

You can literally drive right up to a spot above the clouds at the top of Haleakalā (a mountain on the island of Maui) where you’ll be able to watch the sunset above the clouds. It’s truly unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced and is one of those “pinch yourself” moments you have when you’re in Hawaii.

Heads up – it gets a lot colder up here (like seriously cold). Your t-shirts and shorts you’ve been wearing all day won’t cut it when you head up here so be sure to bring something warm with you; especially seeing as you’ll be waiting a little while to watch the sunset.

Also, you’ve got no shops really up here so bring with you whatever you want (and be sure to take all your rubbish back with you too).

4. Feel Like You’re On Another Planet

Kilauea Lava Field - Hawaii Pictures

All around Hawaii, you’ll find so many spots which look like nowhere else you’ve ever seen before – old villages overrun by lava, lush green mountains, stretches of land that look like the top of freshly baked chocolate brownies… I really could go on and on.

Hawaii looks and feels like visiting another planet sometimes – so much so that NASA has set up shop here to simulate what life would be like on Mars.

5. Spot Wild Whales And Dolphins

Your Guide to Whale Watching on Maui - Hawaii Magazine

Hawaii is one of the best places in the world for whale watching – and we’re not talking teeny tiny whales or “blink and you’ll miss it moments”, we’re talking huge humpback whales breaching, making so much noise that you can hear them while you’re snorkeling not too far from the short and generally just hanging around so close that you can spot them from shore.

Even the dolphins here come right up to your boat (though pretty sure they were only there for a good scratch) and simultaneously breathing while you’re staring at them with your mouth open in amazement… a mouth that’s about to be filled with dolphin blow-hole water. Long story short, if you even remotely fascinated by whales or dolphins – this is a place you’ll wanna visit.

6. See Some Epic Waterfalls

15 Amazing Waterfalls in Hawaii - The Crazy Tourist

The best part is – you don’t have to hike too far to see them too! Some you can drive right up to, though I do wonder if it feels more special to hike up to them – on the one hand, I really don’t wanna do the hiking but on the other hand, when you do hike to a waterfall, it manages to feel just that extra bit special thanks to the effort you put to get there… 🤔 Regardless, Hawaii’s many stunning waterfalls are absolutely reasons why you have to visit these islands

7. Surf To Your Heart’s Delight

When it's easily 5 foot, with offshore wind. | Big wave surfing, Surfing,  Surf park

I’m not much of a surfer truth be told… and that’s one major understatement – I’ve only ever been surfing once and that was my surfing lesson back in Cornwall so while surfing isn’t really up my street I do know that this is one of the best spots to go surfing in the world (it does help that we did bump into loads of surfers and even happened upon a surfing championship while we were out there).

In certain months, the waves here go really crazy-making for quite the competition grounds for extreme surfing pros.

8. Snorkel In Some Of The Most Pristine Waters Ever

Get Your Mask Ready! Snorkeling on the Big Island - Hawaii Real Estate  Market & Trends | Hawaii Life

You’re not actually allowed to go into the water to swim with the dolphins or whales (nor would you want to, Hawaii also has sharks out there) but close to shore, the snorkeling conditions are absolutely fantastic.

This doesn’t apply by and large everywhere you go, some places are calmer and better for snorkeling than others so be sure to find out what spots near you are the best to go out snorkeling in.

9. The Year-Round Sunshine

Sunset Beach | Oahu Beaches | The Estates at Turtle Bay | Oahu, Hawaii

The weather here is pretty good all year round so there’s no real wrong time to visit. Peak season tends to be wintertime as Americans try to escape the bristling cold back on the continent for the warmer climes of Hawaii.

As prices tend to rise and availability dip during these periods, if you’re looking to get yourself a little bargain (you know, luxury for less), booking outside of winter (summertime in Europe for example) would be the perfect time to do so.

10. Surround Yourself With Nature

36 Hours in Honolulu - The New York Times

It’s so easy to feel at one with nature here. Hawaii is pretty much defined by its natural beauty and is the perfect place for lovers of all things nature to head out to!

11. Those Hawaiian Sunsets

Hawaiian Sunset | Ko Olina, HI | shamsazizi | Flickr

I totally get Hawaiian sunsets are a thing. I don’t know if it’s just to do with their position in the world, if there’s something in the atmosphere or if it’s just the high you’re on from being somewhere as beautiful as this but Hawaiian sunsets are absolutely incredible and the perfect end to beautiful sun-kissed days!

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