10 Vegetarian Restaurants In Zurich, Switzerland


This beautiful city in Switzerland is best known as the hub of finance and banking. Other than business, Zurich has more than enough places that attracts not only local tourists but also international ones. Lake Zurich is famed for and offers the perfect spot for boating and swimming. Other places to visit and tour include the Grossmunster, a cathedral and 12th-century landmark, Bahnhofstrasse main street filled with lavish shops, and the Fraumunster, an 11th century Chagall windowed church. Visit one of the spectacular and lavish restaurants in Zurich and see what this amazing city has to offer when it comes to cuisines. Come and take a look at these amazing vegetarian restaurants in Zurich, Switzerland.

1. His Hiltl

If your intention is to convert your non-vegan family and friends and to come join you in the vegan way of life, then His Hiltl vegan restaurant is the place to be. Line up and prepare to enjoy the mouthwatering vegan and veggie buffet perfectly presented in a manner that makes the food seem endless. Don’t be surprised if you find your plate full of food which you can’t possibly be able to finish all because you want to taste each delicacy laid before you. The bar and cocktails section has been uniquely tailored to quench the thirst of guests and are the perfect accompaniment to your dish.

2. Bona Dea

Grab your plate and prepare to fill your tummy with a load of delicious vegan and vegetarian meals at the buffet in Bona Dea vegetarian restaurant. With ingredients freshly sourced from the market, the restaurant takes pride in artfully and imaginatively prepared exquisite meals complimented by selected wines, mango lassi, and freshly squeezed juice. Food is not the only thing that this amazing restaurant offers, amazing company, the perfect ambiance for comfort, and a chilled vibe will most definitely make this your favorite spot.

3. Tibits

With meals prepared by chefs who have perfected their culinary skills, any dish from Tibits Restaurant is sure to make you go for seconds. Just to mention a few of the delicacies that drive guest nuts, the Rhubarb Apple Crumble, the Pea and Nettle Barley Risotto combined with the perfect drink from the perfectly listed drink menu are complementary, making your mouth burst with flavor. With the perfect ambiance and welcoming vibe, this makes the perfect place to enjoy a meal with family.

4. Marktküche

Marktkuche is an amazing vegetarian restaurant with knockout meal options that will be a delight to every guest. This outstanding restaurant takes pride in providing a fine dining experience while enjoying meatless gourmet dishes all prepared using freshly sourced ingredients. The stylish atmosphere and the relaxed ambiance set the perfect mood for a laid-back and lavish dining experience. When It comes to cooking, the owner and chef, Tobias Hoesli, accepts nothing but the best service, meals, and most of all, the satisfaction of his hosts.

5. Samses

Kick back and relax at Samses, an outstanding fine dining restaurant offering a five-course tasting menu. Instead of depending on meat-based substitutes, come and indulge in authentic regional cuisines in their purest form retaining its natural flavor. Reserve your table and be among the lucky ones to experience fine dining in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere enjoying nothing but the best cuisines Samses restaurant has to offer.

6. Roots

Even without saying much, the name gives you a hint of what type of food you are to expect. Sit back, relax, and order one of the amazing vegan and veggie cuisines prepared with nothing but the healthiest and freshest ingredients sourced from the market. With an outstanding kitchen team, each with their unique culinary skills, your dish will always be full of flavor. The perfectly tailored drinks menu will always be a delight to all.

7. Vegelateria the Sacred

You don’t have to rely on meat product only–visit the Vegetarian the Sacred and have a taste of amazing vegetarian cuisines that may tempt you to change your way of life. Considered to be the first vegetarian restaurant to be opened in Switzerland, this amazing restaurant offers the best cuisines in a comfy and relaxed atmosphere, the perfect service, and welcoming staff–not to forget the lavish vibe emanating and making your visit to this restaurant worthwhile.

8. Klara’s Kitchen

From the delicious quinoa bowls with cabbage to the vegetable burger with baked potatoes, Klara’s Kitchen will have something sumptuous to satisfy you. Sit down and try them out. The lip-smacking soup menu has been perfectly tailored including nothing but fresh and seasonal dishes prepared using fresh organic ingredients. In the smoothies and juices department, the Acai Chia Bowl with homemade granola would be the first drink to sample–if that doesn’t quench your thirst, you have more than enough options to pick from.


The Beetnut vegetarian restaurant takes pride in preparing exquisite delicacies from ingredients mother nature has to offer. The menu has been filled with items which have all the valuable nutrients you need to get you through the day. With what the earth provides, the kitchen staff have perfected their culinary skills to provide only but the best and exemplary dishes in town. Whether you are busy working in the office or relaxing at home, just order your meal and have it delivered to you.

10. Chimy’s

Reserve a table at Chimy’s and come and sample a vegetarian dish that is not only wonderful in taste and aroma, but also delightful to behold. The never-unappetizing menu has been carefully filled, listing delectable vegan cuisines to make your mouth water. If it is thirst you want to quench, the fruit and juice menu will always be a delightful site. This Asian vegetarian restaurant does not only take pride in serving the best dishes in town but it also provides a comfortable and relaxed environment for guest to enjoy.

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