10 unique and unusual things to do in Austria


Already tried out all the top things to do in Austria and looking forward to something exciting on your next trip? Try out these 10 unusual things to do in Austria and come home a winner!

1. Swarovski Kristallwelten

Swarovski Kristallwelten (Crystal Worlds) in Wattens, Tyrol, Austria | Franks Travelbox

Yes, there is a definite struggle in pronouncing the name but do not skip reading about it. Built-in 1995 as a way to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of Austrian based crystal company, Swarovski Crystal world is a museum unlike any other. Inside the museum are art installations, exciting rides and a stunning collection of crystals. The verdant hill landscape and the foliage-covered giant add to the mystical aura.

Address: Kristallweltenstraße 1, 6112 Wattens, Austria

2. Starkenberger Beer pools

Swim In A Pool Filled With Beer In Austria | Curly Tales

Not trying to sound sexist. But if you are a guy, you would have definitely fantasized about bathing in a beer pool. Your dream will finally come true at Starkenberger brewery. With every experience centred around beer, there’s so much beer history, trivia and drinking. But the main highlight of the brewery is the seven 13-foot beer pools filled with approx. 42,000 pints of warm beer. Rich in calcium & vitamins, Beer pools are great for the skin.

Address: Griesegg 1, 6464 Tarrenz, Austria

3. Narrenturm

Narrenturm (asylum) - Wikipedia

Literally translating to Fool’s tower, Narrenturm is continental Europe’s oldest building. A former asylum for the mentally imbalanced, the structure is now a pathologic-anatomic museum. Narrenturm resembles a fortress and the five-storied building carries an extensive collection of items related to anatomy & pathology. Towards the end of the museum, you will find the giant Hydrocephalic skeleton which is a must-see in Narrenturm.

Address: Uni Campus, Spitalgasse 2, 1090 Wien, Austria

4. Globe Museum

10 of The Best Museums In Austria

Wait! A whole museum of globes? You must be thinking this is going to be incredibly compact with fewer displays. To be honest, Globe Museum is exactly the opposite. Ranging from plum-sized globes to gigantic human-sized models, there are over 600 terrestrial and celestial globes inside Globe Museum. Just the sight of it will fascinate you. Got enough of the globes? Check the scientific instruments on the showcase.

Address: Herrengasse 9, 1. Stock, 1010 Wien, Austria

5. Republic of Kugelmugel

Republic of Kugelmugel – Vienna, Austria - Atlas Obscura

The Republic of Kugelmugel is a micronation in Vienna. A what?! Yes, as unbelievable as it might sound, the Republic of Kugelmugel is an independent nation by itself. Designed and built by Austrian artist Edwin in 1971, the spherical house invoked a dispute between the Austrian government and the artist, pushing the artist to declare the structure as an independent nation. Though it is enclosed in barbed wires, the attraction can be viewed from a distance.

Address: 2., Antifaschismusplatz, Prater, Vienna, Austria

6. Linzer Grottenbahn

Fairy tale land in the Grottenbahn

Linzer Grottenbahn is an underground dragon train-ride for adults as well as children. The ride follows the outer ring of the historic defense tower and a single ride is a collection of 3 trips. On the first trip, the passengers are offered the sight of gnomes & dwarves fishing and giant insects. On the second trip, you are presented with tatty and taxidermy. During the final trip, the colorful lights are turned on and as the ride ends, the dragon head snorts steam.

Address: Am Pöstlingberg 16, 4040 Linz, Austria

7. Cemetery of the Nameless

Film Locations for Before Sunrise (1995) around Vienna | Before sunrise, Filming locations, Before sunrise movie

Is this some kind of prank you think? No, not at all. Cemetery of the Nameless is the original name of this graveyard and if you listen to the backstory, you will find the real reason behind the naming. The cemetery is built in memory of 478 unidentified souls who lost their lives drowning in the swirling waters of the River Danube. Every year during All Saint’s day, local fishermen honor the dead by floating a raft in the Danube.

Address: Alberner Hafenzufahrtsstraße, 1110 Wien, Austria

8. World Machine

Franz Gsellmann's Weltmaschine: the World Machine - This Belongs in a Museum

The name and the picture would easily convince you into believing that the world machine has something to do with the fictional time machine. But, it isn’t. Developed by East Styrian Farmer Franz Gsellmann, World Machine is a mechanical & artistic installation whose true purpose is not yet known. Apparently, the farmer dedicated his entire life building this machine and many believe that the world machine is an interpretation of the human soul. Who knows it might be the actual time machine, after all!

Address: Kaag 12, 8332 Edelsbach bei Feldbach, Austria

9. Stairs of Reconciliation

The Stairs of Reconciliation - Futility Closet

Stairs of Reconciliation is a part of the Graz Castle, located on the east side of the old town of Graz. But the existence of these stairs is relatively unknown to the outside world. Completed in 1438, Stairs of Reconciliation is nothing but two opposing staircases which merge, part, and rejoin on each floor till the top. The sheer sight of it inside the castle is remarkable and the gem of an attraction deserves more attention.

Address: Hofgasse 15, 8010 Graz, Austria

10. Dasparkhotel

Dasparkhotel – Ottensheim, Austria - Atlas Obscura

How about you stay in sewer pipes on your next visit to Austria? Yikes! Don’t kill us yet. We were talking about the sewer pipe themed accommodation in Austria. Using repurposed metropolitan drainage pipes, Dasparkhotel offers an interesting way to stay in the country. And the motto is to get people interact more with nature and marvel at everyday simple things. Skip the five-star accommodation next time and stay in Dasparkhotel & let us know your experience.

Address: Rodlstraße 21, 4100 Ottensheim, Austria

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