10 Things You Have to Do in Australia in Your 30s


Let’s face it, we want different things out of our holidays as we get older. Our early 20s were all about cheap holidays overseas or weekends camping at the closest beach with a carton of beer and cheap cheese and crackers. As time progresses we want to see a different side of this huge country. We want less cheap and cheerful and more comfort and culture. We’ve put together a list of 10 things you have to do in Australia in your 30s.

Go glamping

Choosing glamping over roughing it is when you know you’re growing up. You’re sick of using leaves as toilet paper and constantly brushing sand out of your sleeping bag. It’s time to luxe up and enjoy the perks of camping with all the luxuries of normal life – a comfy bed, kitchen and your own shower and flushing loo.

Hike at Cradle Mountain

There’s no doubt Tasmania is full of incredible vistas for all ages to enjoy. The Cradle Mountain trail is famous among hikers around the world, as it’s one of our most beautiful but also most challenging walks. It isn’t one to do on the fly, so take some time to prepare properly for this one. You’ll be glad you did.

Cradle Mountain | © Flickr / Steven Penton

Eat your way around the Northern Rivers region

Base yourself somewhere convenient to all the gorgeous small towns in the Northern Rivers region and make the most of the local food scene. There are so many amazing restaurants to choose from.

Visit Kangaroo Island

Fondly referred to as ‘Australia’s zoo without fences’, the wildlife isn’t the only reason you’ll want to visit stunning Kangaroo Island. Visit the local distillery, take a wilderness tour and just soak up the beautiful view with a glass of local South Australian wine.

Kangaroo Island | © Flickr / Paul Asman and Jill Lenoble Follow

Drink up the Margaret River

The Margaret River region is well known to be one of Australia’s best wine regions. If you need a break from the wine and binge eating, there are heaps of other things to do, too.

Enjoy total serenity on Bruny Island

You may be fooled into thinking this island is small and will only take a day or two to see. It’s actually over 100kms in length so give yourself a good three to five days to take it all in. Take your warm clothes, comfortable walking shoes and appetite for cheese. You may see a theme throughout this article – cheese, booze and walking – but that’s what life is about in your 30s, isn’t it? Bruny Island may be famous for its cheese but don’t skip the fresh berries or oysters – they’re as fresh as they get.

Bruny Island | © Flickr / Steven Penton

See Uluru

Uluru is one of those incredible iconic landmarks that we all know about, but it’s actually rare for an Australian to have visited it. It’s not the cheapest of Australian destinations to get to or stay at and it also doesn’t have amazing nightlife in the immediate surrounds (unsurprisingly). So your 30s is the perfect time to visit, when you’ve got some money at last and you don’t need a nightclub on your holiday.

Cruise the Great Barrier Reef

This is another one of those beautiful places in Australia that so many of us haven’t visited even though it’s right on our doorstep. Ctch your breath after a busy period and kick back and relax at one of the resorts at the GBR. Spend your days lazing in the sun, sipping G&Ts and snorkelling at one of the many beautiful islands that make up this reef.

The Great Barrier Reef | © Flickr / Paul Toogood

See the Daintree

While you’re up at the Great Barrier Reef, take a couple of extra days and see some lush Australian rainforest. This trip will be all about tropical walks and spotting exotic animals and bird species. It’s so close to the Great Barrier Reef yet a totally different Australian experience.

Drive the Great Ocean Road

This long strip of road (all 244kms of it) hugs our beautiful South Coast, and offers stunning views all the way. You can either thoroughly plan your road trip with stops in all the right places, or drive on the fly and turn off for any wineries, breweries, beaches and kayaking spots that take your fancy.

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