10 reasons you should drop everything and visit the East Coast of Australia


I’m typing this sitting on a flight to Perth, a five-hour-long haul to Western Australia, as we leave the East Coast of Australia.

We have just completed our many months’ trip along the beautiful sun-drenched (most of the time) East Coast of Australia. We did it all, from Sydney to Cape Tribulation, chasing the sun up the coast, loving all the koala spotting, kangaroo chasing and beach hopping adventures.

Here’s where we went during this epic adventure…

1. Sydney

Our home for many months, we had to include this one. A spectacular city on the water with a bit of everything and this city marked the beginning of our adventure. Home to the iconic Sydney Opera house, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Bondi Beach and Manly. This is an extensive city with many beautiful nuggets to explore, check out our post dedicated to Sydney for more enticing insights.

2. Port Stephens

With 26 golden beaches and a vast blue bay, Port Stephens is an idyllic beach getaway. The beautiful Nelsons Bay, Salamander Bay and surrounding areas are also home to pods of incredibly cute and playful dolphins. From the main bays, you can take a boat out into the serene water and enjoy a morning with these inquisitive animals and dip into the boats’ nets to get up close to them!

3. Surf Camp

Aussies are made for the water so it’s no surprise surfing is second nature to them. For those like us from the other side of the pond (and perhaps a little unprepared) there is surf camp, like boot camp but for surfing, except it’s heaps of fun. You spend days surfing the waves, then the evenings are spent socialising on the camp round the fire, all whilst living right next to the beach.

4. Rainbow Beach

The gateway to one of the best beaches on the east coast and named after the rainbow-coloured sand dunes – Rainbow Beach. This isn’t an obvious place to stop and isn’t somewhere you should plan to stay for too long, but when you delve deep you find this beach town has an extraordinary amount to offer from beautiful sunsets to sea kayaking, spotting turtles and dolphins, to whizzing down sand-dunes on nothing but a cardboard slab.

5. Fraser Island

The biggest island in Queensland, and the biggest sand island in the world. Fraser Island is home to panoramic views, wild dingo’s, whale watching, manta rays, natural creeks that act as water rapids, ribbons of white sand and the wonderland that is Lake McKenzie (Boorangoora in Aboriginal). You can take a day trip or, like us, take a three-day tour trip around the island.

6. The Whitsundays

Made up of 74 islands, this absolutely stunning stop is also home to Whitehaven beach; the 7km stretch of pristine stunning white sand where the tide shifts the sands leaving a beautiful fusion of colours behind. The beach is only accessible via boat to protect its beauty, so most people choose to take a three-day trip around the Whitsunday island.

7. The Yongala Wreck

Rated one of the top scuba dives in the world, the Yongala Wreck lives up to this rating. ‘Wow’ is the only word I can think to describe this amazing experience. I am a qualified scuba diver so I was lucky enough to be able to take this trip, sadly those who are unqualified are unable to participate due to the complexity; the currents are strong and the wreck is deep, around 14m deep to the very top of the wreck so it’s not visible to swimmers.

8. Magnetic island

Magnetic Island is a quiet island off the coast of Townsville, you can ride around in real life Barbie cars, snorkel a section of the Great Barrier Reef and walk through the forestry with adorable wild koalas tucked up in the trees, ready to spot.

9. Mission beach

As adrenaline junkies, this is something that’s been on our bucket list for years – sky diving. We headed north to Mission Beach solely for the purpose of throwing ourselves out of a plane at 14,000ft to land on a palm tree-lined beach with views of Dunk Island and an array of blue hues in the ocean.

10. Cairns

Home to one of the natural wonders of the world, The Great Barrier Reef. We explored this beautiful wonder in three ways – from the sky in a helicopter, deep underwater diving and across the sea in a huge yacht, it is simply spectacular. As well as being a great base to explore the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns has lots more to offer so your schedule will be packed full (as we experienced from our intensive three days of fun and exploration).

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