10 of The Best Museums In Austria


Wherever your passion or interest lies, be it in art, music, history, or in local traditions, there is guaranteed to be a museum in Austria for you.

Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum, Vienna - Wikipedia

Take a trip back in time and walk among dinosaurs at The Natural History Museum in Vienna, where you will discover an impressive collection of artefacts from the natural world. Among the highlights of the museum is the digital planetarium which gives guests the chance to take a journey through the galaxy and learn about the scientific magnificence of our solar system. Be sure to check their website for details for upcoming events and temporary exhibitions.

The Josephinum

Josephinum, Austria 2019

Albeit slightly gory, The Josephinum is one of Austria’s most fascinating and intriguing historical collections. Built to provide a vital resource to the school of medicine, the 6 exhibition halls are filled with meticulously detailed waxwork figures of the human body – gruesomely atomically correct and impossible to turn away from.

Globe Museum

Globe Museum, Austria 2019

Located inside the lavish halls of the Austrian National Library, this one-of-a-kind museum celebrates the spherical wonder; the globe – 240 of them in fact. Showcasing historical cartographic and cosmographic documents, the museum offers an insight into how our knowledge about our planet and the solar system has developed over the centuries.

Mozart’s birthplace

Where was Mozart born? - Mozart's Birthplace in Salzburg | FREE Walking  TOUR Salzburg

Learn about the life and work of Austria’s most renowned resident and one of the most revered and prolific classical composers of all time. Mozart’s birthplace, in picturesque Salzburg, is one of the most frequently-visited tourist attractions in all of Austria, offering a glimpse into the prodigy’s early days with a collection of portraits, historical instruments and various memorabilia from his lifetime.

Museum of Perception

Inside the Mind-Bending World of the Museum of Illusions | Travel |  Smithsonian Magazine

This intriguingly-named museum is committed to spreading the word about how we connect using our senses – a truly unparalleled choice if you are looking for something out of the ordinary. Located in the setting of a former bathhouse, the museum takes you on a uniquely interactive journey, with the option of taking a dip in the ‘Samadhi-Bad’ – an immersive experience that allows you to float, weightless, in total darkness.

Ars Electronica Centre

Ars Electronica Center in Linz, Austria | ESO

The Arts Electronica centre is often recommended as one of Linz’s must-see destinations – even if it is purely to admire the splendid exterior of the building. Spread over six floors, the museum contains many hi-tech works created by laboratories from all over the world. The centre offers a range of exhibitions, tours, screenings and workshops – be sure to sure to check their website for updates on their events program.

Museum of Applied Arts

MAK – Museum of Applied Arts | Sights | Vienna

Commonly referred to as the MAK, this museum houses a variety of curiosities related to the arts that will delight and intrigue. A variety of exhibitions run throughout the year, on subjects including architecture, design, and fashion. A popular time to visit is Tuesday evening when all the exhibitions are open to the public free of charge.

Jewish Museum Vienna

Jewish Museum Vienna – Dorotheergasse

The newly-renovated museum houses a comprehensive collection of historical objects that relate to Vienna’s Jewish citizens from the past and present. Permanent exhibitions include a 3D map that allows you to explore Vienna’s former synagogues – many of which were ravaged during the war – and a ‘memory map’ which shows the devastation caused by the Nazis to Vienna’s Jewish community. The museum describes itself as ‘a place of confrontation and understanding’ and is a fascinating, and at times sobering, experience.


About us | Weltmuseum Wien

Due to reopen in the Autumn of 2017, the ‘world museum’ of Vienna will house Austria’s largest collections of anthropological objects, comprising mostly historical photographs and books, all of which celebrate and educate visitors about the rich diversity of human society and culture. The collections will be spread over a series of rooms, telling the story of how humans came to be the unique creatures we are today.

Schnapps Museum

Another slightly unusual choice, but it’s always good to break away from the crowds. Available to visit by appointment only, The Old Viennese Schnapps Museum pays tribute to the fruity liqueur. It isn’t purely a history lesson, of course: there is the chance to sample various types of Schnapps, including many made using historic recipes, making this a boozy, yet educational, day out.

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