10 largest lakes in Austria


10. Lake Hallstattersee

Lake Hallstatt or hallsätter see is without a doubt the best-known lake in Austria. Located within the Salzkammergut the lake is home to amazing views and a beautiful Austrian town with the same name. the surface area is about 3.3 square miles and the max depth is 410 feet

9. Lake Ossiachersee

Ossiachersee or Lake Ossiach is the 3rd largest lake in Carinthia. A popular summer destination with no bad reason in the summer the surface temperature can reach up to 28 degrees

8. Lake Wolfgangsee

Lake Wolfgang another popular lake in the Salzkammergut region. This lake has a surface area of about 5 square miles and a max depth of 374 feet.

7. Lake Millstattersee

Lake Millstadt or millstätter see in german is the second largest lake of Carinthia. As well as the lake worth lake Millstadt has a summer temperature up to 25 degrees and is a summer holiday hotspot. The lake has a surface area of 5.1 square miles and a max depth of 466 feet

6. Lake Mondsee

Mondsee or literally lake moon is the 3th largest lake in the region of Salzkammergut. And is not far away from the larger Attersee. The drachenwand on the south side of the lake is an impressive sight to see. The surface area is about 5.5 square miles with a max depth of 223 feet

5. Lake Wörthersee

Lake worth or Wörhtersee in Germany is the largest lake of Carinthia. The most southern state of Austria. This perfect summer destination is known for warm waters during the summer in which the water temperatures can get as high as 25c. the surface area of this lake is about 7.5 square miles and has a max depth of about 280 feet.

4. Lake traunsee

This lake is home to a monster called lungy according to Austrian folklore. Being the 4th largest lake in Austria and the second largest lake within the Salzkammergut region this is a popular tourist hotspot and has a surface area of about 9.5 square miles with the deepest point laying at 627 feet.

3. Attersee

The Attersee is the largest lake of the Salzkammergut region of Austria and Austria third largest lake. With a surface area of about 30 square miles and the deepest point about 555 feet.

2. Lake Neusiedler see

Lake neusiedl or neusiedler see in german is the largest endorheic lake in central Europe this means no external body of what such as a river or stream enters the lake and it flows over into swamplands. The lake covers an area of 122 square miles of which 93 square miles belong to Austria. The lake its deepest point is about 6 ft deep.

1. Lake Konstanz

Lake Constance also called Bodensee ( german ) is the largest lake in Austria. sort of. Lake Constance borders Switzerland Germany and Austria and has a surface area of 209 square miles and a maximum depth of 827 feet deep.

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