10 Images of Scotland’s Incredible Street Art


It seems that every corner you turn, there’s a street art piece waiting to be admired. Local and international street artists have been putting their own stamp on Scotland’s art and culture scene by transforming vacant buildings into beautifully illustrated murals. Although it might be a wee while yet for your trip to Scotland, discover the stories and secrets behind some of the country’s most incredible street art as we shine a light on places to put on your travel bucket list.


🎨 Artist: Rogue One

🗺️ Where to find: Sauchiehall Lane, Glasgow

Named as the UK’s first UNESCO City of Music, no doubt will Glasgow’s vibrant music scene come to mind. It might be a wee while before we press play again for live music festivals and gigs, but this mural is a fitting tribute to Scottish musicians who have left their mark on the city throughout the years.


Artist: Chris Rutterford

Where to find: Colinton Station and Tunnel, Edinburgh

Helping to put a smile on everyone’s face during lockdown is The Colinton Tunnel. This once-abandoned railway has transformed into the biggest mural of its kind in Scotland where Robert Louis Stevenson’s poem From a Railway Carriage is illustrated on the walls. Get ready to pick a spot and pose next to a wonderful array of art featuring a magical train, fairies, witches, and much more. Looking for more places to step up your Instagram game? Check out where to find our amazing photography spots.


Artist: SKYE

Where to find: Counties Wynd, part of the Open/Close Dundee – City Centre Trail

Dundee has starred in their eyes. In homage to Vincent Van Gogh’s The Starry Night painting, Dundee artist, SKYE, has spray painted a replica on Coutties Wynd bringing light and color to some of the city’s unexplored neighborhoods. If you would like to see more incredible street art, you will be pleased to know that Dundee offers two art mural trails. Whether you choose to explore the nooks and crannies of Dundee’s City Centre Trail or uncover its hidden gems through the Stobswell Trail, it’s a great way to get your bearings around the city.


Artist: Smug

Where to find: The Green, opposite the Herakut Mural

You might be familiar with this next artist’s mural work in the past with Honey, I Shrunk the Kids and Saint Mungo featuring part of the Glasgow Mural Trail. Helping to give Aberdeen a new lease of life is street artist Smug, who is renowned for using people that he knows as his muse. Pictured above is his mural debut at the Nuart Aberdeen festival – a great event if you’re looking for things to do over Easter. Check out what other experiences there are in Scotland’s East Coast.


Artist: Rogue One

Where to find: Renfield Lane, Glasgow

Part of the Glasgow Mural Trail, this colorful masterpiece will certainly blow you away. Artist Rogue One has added his artistic flair to Renfield Lane where two young girls and a Frenchie can be seen surrounded by lots of bubbles.


Artist: Kelsey Montague

Where to find: Precious Sparkle, Bridge Lane, Perth

Renowned for her wing-inspired artworks in the US, artist Kelsey Montague has traveled across the pond to give independent lifestyle shop, Precious Sparkle, a pair of colorful wings. This beautifully illustrated mural definitely calls for an Instagram-worthy pic when it is safe to travel again. Planning a shopping spree in the future? Precious Sparkle offers an eclectic mix of handbags, jewelry, and fashion if you’re looking to treat yourself to something new.


Artist: Shona Hardie

Where to find: Candlemaker Row, Edinburgh

Why have one when you can have two wing-inspired artworks to pose in front of?! The mural gives a special nod to Elton John’s pink feathers in the opening scene of the film Rocketman.


Artist: John Byrne, Rogue One & Art Pistol

Where to find: Osborne Street, Glasgow

Birthdays are full of surprises but it’s very unlikely you will ever be surprised with an art mural unless you’re Billy Connolly of course! To celebrate The Big Yin’s 75th birthday, three 50ft murals were created in honor of Scotland’s greatest comic. Here you can see Billy Connolly looking over Osborne Street. When it’s safe to travel, make sure to check out the Big Yin by Rachel Maclean on the Gallowgate near Barrowland Park and Dr. Connolly, I Presume? by Jack Vettriano near St Enoch Square.


Artist: fresh paint

Where to find: Torry Battery, Aberdeen

Torry Battery is a fantastic place to enjoy spectacular sightings of dolphins, whales, and even porpoises. As part of DolphinFest 2019, a special mural was designed to commemorate the occasion. With illustrations of a lobster, dolphin, jellyfish, and much more, the artwork helps to encapsulate Scotland’s rich and diverse array of marine wildlife.


Artist: Ross Blair

Where to find: Lower Gilmore Place, Edinburgh

In solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, Edinburgh has erected its own mural trail showcasing artwork created by artists from Black, Asian, and ethnic minority backgrounds. One of the murals featured on the trail is of Frederick Douglass. A former resident of Gilmore Place, Douglass was an iconic 19th-century abolitionist, organizing many anti-slavery campaigns across Scotland after having escaped from enslavement in 1838.

Feeling inspired to explore more of Scotland’s art and culture scene? Take a look at what attractions our wee country has to offer. On a budget? No problem! There’s a lot of things to see and do for free without having to spend a single penny.

By Emily Buchan

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